Genshin Impact Sweetened Madame is an important dish in the World Quest 'Old Tastes Die Hard'. You talk to the NPC Mr. Zhu in Liyue to start the quest. He will ask Travelers to cook a Sweetened Madame dish and give him the food. Check out this guide on how to cook this dish and complete the quest here.

I. Old Tastes Die Hard World Quest

The quest 'Old Tastes Die Hard' is a world quest in Liyue. Travelers need to go to an inn in the south of Guili Plains to see the NPC Mr. Zhu and talk to him. The quest giver will ask Travelers to cook a dish that he misremembered the name and called Sweetened Mistress.

But he revealed all ingredients for this dish, including Fowl and Sweet Flowers. It turns out the Sweetened Madame. After completing this quest, Mr. Zhu grants Travelers the Zhongyuan Chop Suey recipe and some gifts, including AR EXP and Mora.

See Mr Zhu
Go to see and talk to Mr. Zhu to unlock the hidden quest.

II. How To Cook Sweetened Madame

Sweetened Madame is a local dish in Mondstadt. It's a dish in the Dinner of Judgment variant. Sweetened Madame is a 2-star Recovery Dish that is easy to cook and master. You need only two ingredients for Sweetened Madame, including two fowls and two sweet flowers.

Give Him Sweetened Madame
Cook and give him a Sweetened Madame dish.

Here's how to get the ingredients for Sweetened Madame to cook this dish and complete the quest.

How to get Fowls?

There are three main ways to get fowls in Genshin Impact. You can get it for free in the wild or spend Mora to buy it. Fowl is a common cooking ingredient in many dishes in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma.

  • Buy from Draff's Shop: Go to visit this NPC in Springvale during the daytime. He sells 10 Fowls after every 24 hours that costs 240 Mora each.
  • Hunt Birds in the Wild: Use the bow users to aim and shoot birds from distance. If you get close to birds, they will fly away. It's hard to shoot flying birds.
  • Obtain from Expeditions: Send a character to Windrise in Mondstadt and Nazuchi Beach in Inazuma to collect around 16-24 fowls every 20 hours. Fischl and Kujou Sara are two highly recommended characters for these hunting trips.
Hunt Birds In The Wild For Fowls
Hunt birds in the wild for fowls

How to get Sweet Flowers?

You can get sweet flowers in four ways. It's a popular cooking ingredient in Teyvat. You need this ingredient for many dishes, including Sweetened Madame.

  • Buy from Flora's Shop: You can buy 10 sweet flowers every 3 days at the cost of 200 Mora per Sweet Flower. Flora's Shop is right at the entrance of Mondstadt City.
  • Collect from Expeditions: Send a character to Stormbearer Mountains in Mondstadt and Byakko Plain in Inazuma to pick up around 16-24 sweet flowers every 20 hours.
  • Plant in the Serenitea Pot: Buy 5 Sweet Flower Seed bags per week from Tubby or collect the seeds from sweet flowers in the open world with the Seed Dispensary. Then grow it in the Jade Field Gardening Plot and harvest the fully-grown flowers after 70 hours.
  • Forage in the Open World: Pick up the flowers when traversing Teyvat.
Pick Up Sweet Flowers
Pick up sweet flowers in the open world.

These common ingredients are very easy to collect. After cooking a dish of Sweetened Madame, go to see Mr. Zhu and give him the food. Then, he will send you rewards.

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