Genshin Impact is harvesting great success in global markets, especially in Asia and North America. China, Japan, and the US are the three leading markets of this game. But the big game size still limits the spread of the game's popularity. Therefore, the super-lite cloud version of Genshin Impact has been introduced.

Cloud Version Of Genshin Impact

The official version of Genshin Impact on iOS after full installation and updates is around 18GB. In addition, the system requirements for both Mobile and PC versions of this game are pretty high. It prevents players with low-end devices from downloading, installing, and experiencing this interesting and well-developed game.

Chinese Genshin
MiHoYo is testing the cloud gaming platform in China.

That's a great pity for both the game publisher and a large number of players. Therefore, the cloud version of Genshin Impact has officially been launched for the iOS platform in China. The game size now is only 80MB. In specific, when Chinese players search the game in App Store, they can see the Cloud Gaming version of Genshin Impact on the top position of search results.

According to miHoYo, the developers use the real-time storage mechanism in the new cloud gaming platform. As a result, the game size of Genshin Impact is reduced massively. Moreover, the hardware requirements for Genshin Impact on the iOS platform are also lower than before. For example, you can experience Genshin Impact with max settings on iPhone 6.

Zhongli Windtrace
It makes the game lighter.

But players need to pay the fee for their cloud gaming account. You can experience the game for the five first online hours. From the sixth hour, players have to use miHoYo coins to buy more storage in the cloud gaming platform. The service is under the testing process in China. With this change, miHoYo can reach a far wider audience of players.

Pay Fee For Cloud Storage
Pay fee for cloud storage.

Cloud gaming techniques can be the future of the game industry and miHoYo is definitely one of the first gaming companies to apply it to their brainchild.

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