Currently, there are five weapon types in Genshin Impact: Sword, Claymore, Catalyst, Polearm, and Bow. According to a recent reveal from a popular leaker, it is likely that the developer is working on another new weapon type to add to this list. In this article, we are going to showcase everything about the supposed Genshin Impact new weapon type.

1. About Genshin Impact new weapon type leak

Popular leaker UBatcha mentioned on November 22 that Genshin Impact developers are working on a new weapon. Apparently, it would be a hybrid between close and ranged type... however, there is no estimated release date for that yet.

Currently, the only character who can use multiple types of weapons during combat is Childe. He is a bow character but can use his Elemental Skill to summon a Polearm. Raiden Shogun's mechanic is also pretty similar, with her Elemental Burst summoning a sword. However, her normal attack range remains the same as her Polearm form, unlike Childe's drastic transformation from Ranged to Melee.

Childe is the most unique character in Genshin currently, with his ability to fight in both melee and range.

2. Which weapon is likely to be added?

Amongst the weapon candidates, the two most likely to be added are scythes and gauntlet. Honkai Impact already has Scythes as a weapon type, which means their introduction into Genshin is just a matter of time. A Scythe with chains would definitely serve well as a "hybrid weapon that works in both types of combat".

Scythe with chains can work in any range.

During the Phantom Flow event, the Shousen NPC mentioned that residents of Natlan perform shadowboxing. This might be a hint toward Gauntlets being the next weapon type to be added.

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