Genshin Impact has the most interesting cast of characters with different backstories. In the case of Kaedehara Kazuha, he used to be not highly regarded. Some players chose to overlook his banner and even called him the Canadian version of Aether, which does not sound flattering at all.

However, as the main plot progresses further, we get to appreciate his power more and have a better insight into his story. One of the highlights in his lore involves his deceased friend, Tomo.

Tomo Genshin Impact is a character that gathers talks from time to time. Who is he and what’s his story?

Kazuha and Tomo who was once a friend of his.

Who is Tomo Genshin Impact?

Tomo is Kazuha’s closest friend. In fact, Tomo is derived from “Tomodachi” which means “friend” in Japanese. Kazuha friend was actually nameless and since players decided to use this term to call him, it has become common in the fandom.

As some cutscenes in Kazuha’s trailer showed, Tomo challenged the Vision Hunt Decree as he wanted to stand up for his belief. Sadly, after losing his duel, Raiden Shogun slew Tomo with her deadly sword and made him lose his life to her Musou No Hitotachi Sword Art.

Tomo and Kazuha fan-art.

It was the moment Tomo sacrificed that Kazuha arrived and took his dying Vision away before Raiden could put her hand on it.

Tomo Genshin Impact Vision

Later, Kazuha is seen to have Tomo’s vision hung next to his own, and it lights up during his battle with Raiden in the Omnipresence Over Mortals quest. While it’s not confirmed at any point, during cutscenes Tomo was shown to wield a sword.

In the cutscene, we can see Tomo wielding an Electro vision. As he was killed, the vision started to dim.

Tomo Genshin Impact Vision
Tomo's vision appeared as he was slain by Raiden Shogun.

Later, Kazuha can be seen hanging Tomo’s vision right next to his own and it came to life when he tried to protect the Traveler from Baal in the Omnipresence Over Mortals quest. Although it is not yet confirmed, Tomo was seen to use a sword.

Tomo grave Genshin location

Players spotted a grave close to the Kamisato Estate in Inazuma. It is marked by a katana, a lamented vision, as well as a white cat. Moreover, there is the presence of elemental energy as we can also see some Electro Crystalfies floating around.

Seeing the presented items in the tomb area, fans speculated that it is indeed Tomo’s grave.

Tomo Grave
Alleged Tomo grave Genshin location.

When is Tomo Genshin Impact release date?

Although there are theories that Tomo may still be present, it is quite unlikely that Genshin Impact Tomo will ever become playable.

Currently, he is classed as a dead NPC. Unless there is some serious magic that the developers have not revealed in the world of Genshin Impact, the possibility of this character being added to our team seems unrealistic.

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