Genshin Impact frog is a wild animal that can be captured by hands or Omni-Ubiquity Net. You need this animal in many essential and useful elemental DMG-boosting portions. Check out all the best Genshin Impact frog locations and how to use this outdoor creature.

Frog In Genshin Impact
Water areas and moist locations are the best places to catch frogs in Genshin Impact.

I. Where To Find Frogs In Genshin Impact

The frog is a wild animal that appears near the water areas in Genshin Impact, such as rivers, streams, and shores. You can find this animal in the moist environment in all nations and regions in Teyvat. Here are all the best locations to find the frog Genshin Impact.

  • Mt. Aocang East Waypoint: There are around 10 frogs in the water area in the east of this waypoint.
  • Dadaupa Gorge: There is a lake in the south of the teleport waypoint. From the waypoint, head southeast to the lake and catch 5 frogs here.
Best Places To Find Frogs
Best places to find frogs in Mondstatdt and North of Liyue.
  • Springvale South Waypoint: The big lake with a teleport waypoint in Springvale is one of the best Genshin Impact frog locations. This lake also has 5 frogs.
  • Luhua pool: There are 4 frogs in Luhua Pool in Liyue. Try to find the frog around rocks and trees on the western bank of this lake.
  • Qingxu Pool South-East Waypoint: The southeast waypoint of the Qingxu Pool in Liyue also has a lot of frogs. You can capture up to 10 frogs in this water area.
Frog Locations In Liyue
Best frog locations in the south of Liyue.

You can find more frogs in many moist areas in Mondstadt and Liyue. Whenever you go through a water area, just look around and check whether there is any frog around these locations.

II. How To Catch Frog In Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact players can catch frogs by hand. You need to approach the targeted animal. When the 'Frog' button appears on the screen, tap on the button or press 'F' if you play Genshin Impact on PC. If you miss the frog, it will escape and disappear on the map.

Go To Water Areas To Find And Catch Frogs
Go to water areas to find and catch frogs in Genshin Impact.

In addition, you can use the Omni-Ubiquity Net to catch this wild animal. Then, you don't need to get too close to the frog. You can stand about 1-2 meters away from the target and aim the net at the frog. Then, shoot the net to the animal to catch it. You can buy 5 nets per week from Wakamurasaki, each of which costs players 10,000 Mora.

Can you buy frog in Genshin?

No. There is no hidden Genshin Impact shop vendor selling this animal. There are three species of frog in this game, differentiated by their colors, including the normal Frog, the Mud Frog, and the Blue Frog. Therefore, you cannot find or catch any thunder frog Genshin Impact in this game.

  • The normal Frog has green color. They appear in all regions and nations.
  • The Mud Frog has a yellow color. These frogs often spawn in Liyue, especially on the small isle in the West of Dihua Marsh.
  • The Blue Frog has blue skin. You can find these special frogs in shallow water areas around the waypoint in Springvale.
Cannot Buy Frog
Genshin Impact players cannot buy frogs.

III. How To Use Frog In Genshin Impact

The frog is an important ingredient in many recipes. You need this animal to craft many oils and Straight Shooters. Here are all the recipes that require Genshin Impact frogs as well as their uses.

Recipes Ingredients Uses
Flaming Essential Oil
  • Flaming Flower Stamen x1
  • Frog x1
  • Mora x100
  • Increase Pyro DMG for the whole team by 25% for 300s.
Streaming Essential Oil
  • Lotus Head x1
  • Frog x1
  • Mora x100
  • Boost the Hydro DMG for the whole team by 25% for 300s.
Shocking Essential Oil
  • Electro Crystal x1
  • Frog x1
  • Mora x100
  • Increase Electro DMG for the whole team by 25% for 300s.
Unmoving Essential Oil
  • Cor Lapis x1
  • Frog x1
  • Mora x100
  • Boost the Geo DMG for the whole team by 25% for 300s.
Straight Shooter
  • Flaming Flower Stamen x1
  • Frog x1
  • Replace the character's elemental skills. Instead of using skills, your characters will throw Pyro bombs at targeted enemies.
Genshin Impact Potions
You can use the frog and other materials to craft many essential potions for DMG boosting,

Those are the best Genshin Impact frog locations where you can catch a lot of frogs. This wild animal runs and escape very quickly. Therefore, you need to be as agile as possible to capture them. Then, craft essential portions to consume and be more powerful in every combat.

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