The Chasm has many easy chests in hidden places that players often miss. Here are the easiest loot chests you need to find and collect now. They give you tons of rewards with ease.

#1. Top Of Giant Mushroom

There is a Luxury Chest on the top of the Giant Mushroom in the Chasm: Underground Mines. You only need to climb to the top of the mushroom and get the chest atop it. Tons of Primogems and rewards are waiting for you.

Top Of Giant Mushroom
There is a luxurious chest on the Top Of Giant Mushroom.

#2. Millenial Mountains

Another easy chest to loot is available to loot while you are doing the side quest Millenial Mountains. This is a must-do quest in the Chasm that you have to complete to unlock further quests in the quest chain. You don't need to combat and fight off any enemy to loot this chest.

Millenial Mountains
Collect the easy chest while doing the quest Millenial Mountains in the Chasm.

#3. Whack-A-Mole

Travelers also get three easy chests from the Whack-A-Mole minigame in The Chasm, including a Luxurious chest. It's very to play and win this fun game. You can find this minigame in the southwest of this new region. Then, play and win three times to get all loot chests.

Whack A Mole
There are up to three treasure chests you can win from the Whack-A-Mole minigame.

#4. Top Of Glowing Nail

You can find a fancy glowing floating nail in The Chasm with an easy chest on the top of it. You only need to hop onto its side and open this loot chest to get tons of Primogerms, materials, and Geo currencies. No combat is required.

Top Of Glowing Nail
Reach the Top of the Glowing Nail to get a Luxurious Treasure Chest in this game.

#5. Tiangong Gorge Wall Hole

Genshin Impact travelers can find a hole on the wall in Tiangong Gorge. You can find that wall when heading towards the northernmost waterfall in The Chasm: Underground Mine. Interact with the small hole to enter a secret room and get the treasures in the Luxurious Chest here.

Tiangong Gorge
Tiangong Gorge has a small hole that is the gate to a secret room with the treasure chest.

#6. Mountainator Cannon

You can get another hidden chest near Fuao Vale by operating the Mountainator cannon in The Chasm. Then, go to the place where the cannonball reaches and explodes in order to get the chest inside the crater.

#7. Beneath Lost Valley Domain

A lot of players in Genshin Impact only focus to farm artifacts in the Lost Valley domain. But they may miss an easy chest beneath it. There is a treasure chest in a hole at the entrance of this domain. After breaking the stone wall to reveal the entrance of the domain, just head down and open the Luxurious Chest.

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