Genshin Impact players are highly anticipating the interesting in-game event 'Spice From The West'. The game publisher has notified players about this event on the notification board of the game. Check it how here.

I. Date & Requirements

Spice From The West: Creation of Special Seasonings is the full name of this event. During this event, Travelers will need to help Nazafain make seasonings for her research trip. You will get recipes for those seasonings and have to complete those recipes to claim rewards.

This event takes place between May 14th and June 7th, 2022. Here are some requirements for players to take part in this event.

  • Only players at AR 20 and above can make seasonings.
  • You need to reach AR 28 to be eligible for the 'Idle Teapot Talk' quest and able to cook corresponding dishes to invite companions to taste-test the food.
Spices From The West Genshin
The event is finally confirmed to come tomorrow.

II. Event Gameplay

There are some rules of the Spice From The West event you should be aware of to get ready before this event starts.

  • Unlock a new seasoning recipe every day during the first week of the event. You create the Fragrant Seasonings according to the recipe and get corresponding rewards.
  • Cook Fragrant Dishes by adding Fragrant Seasonings. Then, invite companions in the Serenitea Pot to taste-test. You can get Companion EXP but the number of times you can get Companion EXP reward is limited.
  • Travelers can get responses and comments on their dishes from characters.
  • Accept Tubby's Idle Teapot Talk quest after reaching AR 28 and unlocking the Serenitea Pot to claim 'Realm Dispatch. Then, cook the food to invite Teyvat companions to taste it.

Keep in mind that the game will remove all Fragrant Seasonings and Dishes from players' inventories after the event ends. If the Serenitea Pot Placement function maintenance ends during this event, you can invite more Teyvat companions who are resting to come back and stay in your teapot world and try your food.

Spices From The West
Unlock spice recipes and make fragrant seasonings.

III. Event Rewards

According to the event notices, Genshin Impact players will receive a lot of valuable rewards from this event.

  • Primogems: Each successful recipe gives players 60 Primogems. You can unlock one recipe per day and 420 Primogems after seven days of the event;
  • Hero's Wit: you can get 4 Hero's Wits each day after completing each recipe three times successfully and 28 Hero's Wits after seven days of the event;
  • Mora: Each day you get 40,000 Mora after completing daily missions;
  • Weapon Ascension Materials: There are a lot of Mystic Ores and ascension materials for weapons;
  • Companionship EXP: you can get a lot of companionship EXP when you give characters in your Serenitea Pot for tasting and testing.

Just wait and take part in this interesting event while waiting for the next update to come soon. Don't forget to claim compensation for the update delay.

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