Genshin Impact characters often wear beautiful outfits. Genshin Impact also introduced many alternate outfits for some playable characters. Check out other well-dressed ladies in Genshin Impact 2024 here.

I. Characters In Default Outfit

Yelan and Beidou are the two best-dressed characters without special skins. They look charming and attractive in their default outfits.

#1. Yelan

Yelan is the second most well-dressed character in Genshin Impact. Though she has not been released yet, her leaked image still makes fans of this game excited. Her short dark blue dress shows off her appealing body shape. Besides, the fur coat on her shoulder and asymmetrical bob hairstyle makes Yelan look cool.

Yelan Genshin
Yelan is a mysterious character with a cold look and a hot body shape.

#2. Beidou

The next character who is also well-dressed is Beidou. The Crux captain from Liyue looks very cool and impressive with an eye patch and an open-style dress with Liyue's traditional patterns. Her long dark hair and black stockings also help the captain look hot and appealing during and after the battle.

Beidou has a cool and open-style outfit set.

#3. Furina

Furina's skin is transformable when she changes the Arkhe status. Her default outfit is called 'Coronated Prima Donna'. This is a formal dark blue suit-like outfit. Her gorgeous costumes are adorned with diamonds. Besides, she wears a dark blue top hat decorated with flourishes on her left head, making the whole outfit look more fashionable and impressive.

Furina Is The Best Choice
Furina's skin can change when she switches between the Ousia and Pneuma phases.

II. Characters With Alternate Outfit

Genshin Impact has introduced many alternate outfits for many playable characters.

#1. Ningguang

Ningguang is another Liyue lady with a traditional long dress. Besides, she has a vibrant nightgown that can be obtained for free in a previous big festival event in her country. Ningguang also has long hair but it's white-blonde. This beautiful lady ties her silky hair with a stunning spiky hairpin which is simple but still attractive.

Ningguang New Skin
Orchid's Evening Gown

#2. Jean

Jean is also one of the best-dressed characters in Genshin Impact up to now. Besides, she has up to three outfits in the wardrobe, one of which costs you real cash to purchase. The two other outfits are free to wear.

  • Favonian Devotion is her default outfit that you can obtain when getting this character;
  • Sea Breeze Dandelion is purchasable from the Character Outfit Shop;
  • Gunnhildr's Legacy is an alternate dress that players could obtain from the in-game mailbox during version 2.4.
Jean Summer Outfit
Jean has a super hot and fashionable summer outfit and two other stunning uniforms.

#3. Lisa

Lisa is also one of the most well-dressed characters in her corset dress. The deep split of her outfit makes this mage from Mondstadt look very charming and hot. Moreover, her witchy-looking hat and appealing shorts show off her most attractive curves of Lisa. Her hat, hair tie, and dress have beautiful roses which are her favorite flowers. Her alternate outfit - A Sobriquet Under Shade - also looks very attractive.

A Sobriquet Under Shade
A Sobriquet Under Shade

#4. Mona

Mona is the most well-dressed lady in Genshin Impact. This mage also has a special outfit to switch in the wardrobe. Mona wears a vibrant purplish-blue leotard that shows off the attractive curves of her body. Besides, lace stockings help her show off her beautiful long legs. Her mage hat is also a bold element that makes her outfit more impressive.

Mona Skill And Burst
Mona's alternate skin is named 'Pact of Stars and Moon'.

#5. Keqing

Keqing also has a special skin called 'Opulent Splendor' released at the same time as Ningguang's Orchid's Evening Gown set. It's more impressive than her default skin, Piercing Thunderbolt. The dark color of Opulent Splendor makes her look bolt, mysterious, and appealing.

Keqing Genshin
Keqing's Opulent Splendor

#6. Ganyu

Ganyu's new outfit, Twilight Blossom, is designed in Chinese traditional style. It's greatly different from her default costume with a pale blue color. The new light and graceful festive costume of Ganyu shows off her pale skin and long legs under the pair of shorts. The hair accessory is adorned with a Qingxin-like flower, which is also her favorite blossom.

Twilight Blossom
Twilight Blossom

#7. Shenhe

Shenhe is one of the most beautiful characters in Genshin Impact. Like Ganyu, she has got a new outfit called Frostflower Dew in Genshin Impact 4.4. It's also inspired by Cheongsam. Frostflower Dew makes Shenhe look more mature, appealing, and luring with black soft tails and two deep side slits.

Frostflower Dew Skin
Frostflower Dew

#8. Kamisato Ayaka

Ayaka is the young lady of the famous clan Kamisato in Inazuma. She received an adorable costume with a combination of light colors - light blue and white. Ayaka's Springbloom Missive is neat and adorable with a light blue open dress and a white petticoat at the bottom. She has two braids of hair decorated by two blue butterfly ornaments.

Ayaka Is The Best Banner To Roll
Ayaka's Springbloom Missive

Those are the top 11 best-dressed female characters in Genshin Impact up to Update 4.4. This list can be lengthened when more ladies become playable characters in upcoming updates. Stay tuned for further names!

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