Carrots, Mints, and Raw Meat are three required items for the Marvelous Merchandise event on day 4. You need five items of each. Check out the best locations to farm carrots, mints, and raw meat for Liben's business.

Day 4 Liben
Give Liben five units of carrots, mints, and raw meat.

#1, Carrot Locations

Carrot is a popular vegetable in Genshin Impact. You can find carrots on the wild map of Teyvat, buy them from Chef Mao, and obtain them from Expedition and Investigation. Here are the best locations to farm carrots in Genshin Impact.

  • Dawn Winery;
  • Stormterror’s Lair;
  • Villager's garden in Springvale;
  • The Southwest of Brightcrown Canyon;
  • Villager's garden in Yashiori.

Each garden has up to four to eight carrots for your investigation team to harvest. Besides, you can investigate light spots in barrels and crates in the wild to get carrots and other cooking ingredients. Travelers can collect enough carrots for Liden's order in one trip only if you find a yield carrot garden.

Carrots In Genshin
Harvest carrots in villagers' gardens or open land patches in the wild.

Besides, you can send characters to Guyun Stone Forest in Liyue and Wolvendom in Mondstadt in Expedition. Chef Mao in Liyue Harbor also sells 10 carrots at the price of 260 Mora each.

You can also grow carrots in the Serenity Pot. Buy carrot seeds from Tubby's Depot or get the seed when picking carrots in the wild with the Seed Dispensary gadget. This vegetable needs 72 hours to grow and get ready to harvest.

#2. Mint Locations

Mint is also very popular. It can be harvested all around Teyvat. Here are the best locations to collect this herbal plant in Genshin Impact.

  • Stormterror's Lair;
  • Around grassland in Bishui Plain;
  • In iced plains in Dragonspine;
  • Along the paths in Lisha.

Besides, you can buy 10 Mints every 3 days from Chloris in Mondstadt. Each Mint costs 150 Mora. It's the fastest way to get enough 5 Mints for Liben. If the mints you have grown in Seneritea Pot's garden three days ago or more are ready to harvest, go to collect all of them.

Mint Genshin Impact
Mints are very popular, so you can pick them all around Teyvat.

#3. Raw Meat Locations

Raw meat can be harvested from live animals, such as boars, weasels, foxes, and squirrels in the wild. You should use archers to kill these animals without startling them. Brightcrown Canyon is the best place to find and kill Boars. Each wild Boar gives you 2 pieces of raw meat.

Besides, you can purchase 10 pieces of raw meat from Draff that costs 240 Mora each. You can also kill snow boars in Dragonspine and collect chilled meat. Then, process these chilled meats to get fresh raw meat.

Find Raw Meat
Hunt wild animals like boars and foxes to get raw meat.

You also get 40 Primogems and nine pieces of Liyue Talent Level-Up Materials from Liben for fulfilling Liben's order. You should pick up more than five mints, pieces of raw meat, and carrots because you may need them in later orders of Liben. Or else, use them to cook dishes.

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