The Marvelous Merchandise event in Genshin Impact is on Day 3. Travelers need to give Liben three items, including Sun Flowers, Sunsettia, and Berry. Check out where to farm these items here.

#1. Sweet Flower Locations

Genshin Impact players can find sweet flowers all over Teyvat. It has one of the highest spawn rates in this game. Here are the best locations to collect these flowers.

  • Dawn Winery;
  • Sal Terrae;
  • Southwest of Qingce Village;
  • South of Taishan Mansion;
  • Qingyun Peak.

You need to teleport to two places among them to get enough Sweet Flowers to give Liben. Besides, it's much faster if you sent a character to Stormbearer Mountains and Byakko Plain in Mondstadt and Inazuma expedition yesterday.

You can also buy five sweet flowers from Flora in the Flower Shop which costs 200 Mora each. Or else, Genshin Impact players can grow and harvest Sweet Flowers in their Serenity Pot's gardens.

Sweet Flower
Sal Terrae is the best place to pick up Sweet Flowers where you can get enough flowers in one trip only.

The Sweet Flower seeds are available to collect from the wild when they traverse the map by equipping the Seed Dispensary for free or buying some seed packs from Tubby. But you need to grow them three days before the business trip because it needs 72 hours to fully grow.

#2. Berry Locations

Berry is also a popular item that you can find everywhere in Teyvat. It has glowing yellow colors. Each tree has three delicious berry fruits. Here are the best locations where you can collect enough berries in one minute only.

  • Starfell Valley;
  • Mountain Hills in Stone Gate;
  • Entrance of Mondstadt;
  • Stormbearer Point teleport waypoint.

There is no shop selling berries for Travelers. So, you cannot buy this fruit anywhere. Just go to two of these locations and you can get all the required amount of berries. Besides, you cannot grow this fruit.

Berry Genshin Impact
Berry is a very popular fruit in the open map of Genshin Impact which you can pick up when traversing the map.

#3. Sunsettia Locations

Sunsettia is pretty less popular than Sweet Flowers and Berries in Teyvat. You cannot get it in Inazuma. Here are the best places on the game map where you can get enough Sunsettia fruits in one trip.

  • Villages in Springvale
  • Stormbearer Mountains and Starfell Lake
  • Around the lake and Hilichurl camps in Dadaupa Gorge

Each tree has only three fruits of Sunsettia. You need to find only two Sunsettia trees to collect enough fruits to exchange with Liben. He is waiting for you in the City of Mondstadt. Besides, players can also pick up fresh sunsettia on the ground nearby sunsettia trees.

After giving Liben these items, you will get 40 Primogems and nine units of Talent Level-Up materials. Just go to see Liben and check the order to know what you need to collect. If you got enough items, just exchange and claim the rewards immediately.

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