Genshin Impact is adding many new features to the game. In the upcoming Core Of The Apparatus Event of update 2.7, players can get Robots to decorate their Serenitea Pot world for the first time. Check it out here.

Core Of The Apparatus Gameplay

The upcoming Genshin Impact 2.7 event - Core Of The Apparatus - is a robot-making game. Travelers will help a Fontaine toy merchant collect materials and make robots and furnishings. Check out the main activities in this event below.

Core Of The Apparatus
The Core Of The Apparatus event will come to the game soon.
  • Collect Materials

To create furnishings and robots, players need to collect enough materials according to the recipe and material collection tasks from the toy merchant. Travelers will receive a Material Collector to collect Source Materials in the open world.

You will need ores, flowers, and fruits to complete the production process. The Material Collector is ready to equip in the Gadget section. Charge the Material Collector with the given Element. Then, defeat opponents to gain portions of Core Propulsion and activate the Core.

Collect Materials
Use the Material Collectors to collect enough materials for the production process.
  • Produce Furnishings & Robots

After completing three objectives of the Material Collection task, players will start to craft the item. Then, you will get a Redemption Voucher after crafting the item successfully. Using these vouchers, you can redeem the corresponding robots.

There are many model types with different animations determined by three objectives in the Material Collection task. You also have a great chance to create a robot with all three animations. These robots are very adorable.

Craft Items
Craft furnishings and robots after completing material collection tasks.
  • Place Robot In Teapot Realm

After using the robot test model vouchers, each player can get four robots. Then, go to the Serenite Pot and place them on your Teapot world. These robots are available in the Landscape section in the Placement feature.

Place The Robot
You can redeem your best vouchers and get four robots to place in the Teapot Realm.

How To Change Robot Voucher

If you cannot get your favorite robot test model vouchers, you can exchange robot vouchers with friends. It's pretty easy to exchange the robot voucher.

The game developers allow players to create a Wish List to order favorite robot vouchers from friends. Besides, you can see your friend's wish list and give them the ordered voucher if you have one.

Get The Robot
You can order robot vouchers from friends or give friends their wished robot vouchers.

Core Of The Apparatus Rewards

Apart from four robots from redemption vouchers, Genshin Impact players can also get lots of rewards from this event.

  • Primogem;
  • Mora;
  • Hero's Wits;
  • Mystic Ores;
  • Weapon Ascension Materials.

This interesting event will come to the game in Genshin Impact 2.7. This is the first time Genshin Impact introduce robot toys in this game. Just take part in this activity and get your wished robots and lots of attractive rewards.

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