Genshin Impact 2.7 has two new world quests in Liyue: On the Stage, Behind the Stage, and Tales Behind the Fan. Players can get two exclusive Serenity Pot finishing items. Check out the gameplay and rewards of these interesting Genshin Impact 2.7 new world quests here.

I. On the Stage, Behind the Stage

The first new world quest in Genshin Impact 2.7 is the quest 'On the Stage, Behind the Stage' in Liyue Harbor. Only players who have completed 'The Crane Returns on the Wind' quest can unlock this new quest. Then, follow these steps to complete this job and claim rewards.

On The Stage Behind The Stage
This is the starting point of the new world quest 'On the Stage, Behind the Stage'.
  • Walkthrough

After unlocking the quest, you can use the Navigation feature to get to the starting point in Heyu Tea House in Liyue Harbor. Get to the navigated location to find the NPC Tea Master Liu Su and talk to him. Then, complete these mission objectives.

  • Go to find Master Lu in Qingce Village;
  • Give Dayu one red dye and three Pine Wood;
  • Open the clock and adjust the time to 18:00 - 21:00 of the next day;
  • Get back to Liu Su's location in Liyue Harbor;
  • Go upstairs to find Yun Jin and talk to her;
  • Head downstairs to find Fan Er'ye and make a conversation;
  • Go to the warehouse (near the Liyue Reputation area) in Liyue Harbor and pick up planks;
  • Give those planks to Dayu to complete the mission.

After completing this quest, you will receive lots of rewards.

Tea Master
Talk to Tea Master Liu Su to get details about the mission.
  • Rewards

The furnishing called 'Pear Orchard Stage: Yun-Han Style' is the premium reward of the On the Stage, Behind the Stage world quest. You can place it outdoor in your Teapot land. It's a stage where Yunjin can give audiences beautiful Opera performances. In addition, you can get some other gifts, including:

  • Adventure EXP ×150;
  • Hero's Wit ×3;
  • Mora ×30,000.

To complete this quest, you need to collect enough required items, including Pine Wood and Red Dye. It's one of the easiest Genshin Impact 2.7 new world quests.

Stage In Teapot
Pear Orchard Stage: Yun-Han Style is the premium reward of this easy quest.
  • How To Get Red Dye & Pine Wood

Pine Wood and Red Dye are also the main materials to craft the Pear Orchard Stage: Yun-Han Style. You can collect Pine Wood by cutting Pine Trees in the wild. There are many locations and forests to collect this kind of wood in Teyvat, including:

  • Liyue: Golden House, Wuwang Hill, Qingyun Peak;
  • Mondstadt: Dragonspine, Mondstadt City;
  • Inazuma: Ritou, Narukami Island, and Kujou Encampment.

The red dye is available to craft in the Create Furnishing given by Tubby. You can use Sunsettias, carrots, and Valberries to craft red dye. These fruits are available to pick up in Teyvat or purchase from NPCs in the open world.

Pine Wood Locations
There are many Pine forests to collect Pine Wood in Teyvat.

II. The Tales Behind The Fan

The Tales Behind the Fan is one of the two Genshin Impact 2.7 new world quests which also take place in Liyue. You need to complete the new archon quest 'Perilous Trail' and Zhongli's story quest 'No Mere Stone' to unlock The Tales Behind the Fan.

  • Walkthrough

It's very easy to complete this quest to get rewards. You need to go to Third-Round Knockout in Liyue Harbor to find Zhongli when he is talking to Iron Tongue Tian.

Then, you talk to Zhongli and watch the cutscene to explore the tales behind the fan. The conversation is pretty long. It reveals an interesting story in Liyue. This is one of the easiest jobs in Genshin Impact 2.7 because you can claim rewards after completing the dialogue.

The Tales Behind The Fan
Find Zhongli in Liyue Harbor to start and complete the new quest 'The Tales Behind The Fan'.
  • Rewards

Genshin Impact players will receive a fan furnishing named 'A Dragon's Wondrous Sight' after completing the job. Then, you can hang it on the wall inside your mansion in Teapot Realm for decoration. It's a beautiful wall decor item that you shouldn't miss in this Update.

A Dragons Wondrous Sight
Get A Dragon's Wondrous Sight paper fan.

III. Serenity Pot Maintenace Ends

The Placement Maintenance in the Serenitea Pot ended. So, players, artists, and architects can start to build and decorate their mansions and Teapot Realm. Use two finishing items you have obtained from two Genshin Impact 2.7 new world quests to decorate your Mansion and Realm.

There are many new pieces of furniture for players to craft and use their creativity to build their dreamland. Just complete these missions and get those pieces of decor for free.

Placement Ready Now
The placement function is ready now.

These are two Genshin Impact 2.7 new world quests with interesting gameplay and attractive rewards. Don't miss these chances to explore hidden tales and get unique Serenitea Pot furnishing items.

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