Ocean-hued clam is the best artifact set for Baizhu at this time as calculated. Besides, many old characters are coming back to the seasonal character banners in updates 3.6 and 3.7. Check them out here.

Best Artifact For Baizhu
Learn why Ocean-hued clam is the best artifact for Baizhu now.

Best Artifacts For Baizhu

Baizhu is an upcoming character in update 3.6. Though he hasn't been released officially in Genshin Impact, the pharmacist in Liyue got a lot of attention. Many players have learned about Baizhu's design and kits and calculated his status to find the best artifact set for him.

As calculated, Ocean-hued clam is the best artifact set for Baizhu though it's not his signature artifact. When you build his max HP, this Dendro character can optimize his passive talent to get a giant DMG bonus of 80 to 100k every 20 seconds.

Build Baizhu Hp
You ought to build Baizhu's HP and equip the Ocean-hued clam set for him.

It's not an impressive amount of DMG, but Baizhu with the Ocean-hued clam artifact set has many benefits for him and for the whole team.

  • He gets DMG buffs from the artifacts.
  • His elemental skills and bursts have excellent healing effects to heal the whole team's HP.

Baizhu can provide the main DPS with decent DMG buffs when he is equipped with Ocean-hued clam. Therefore, it's one of the best artifact sets for this upcoming Dendro character when his signature artifact has not been leaked.

Baizhu Genshin Impact
The pharmacist is a great healer and supporter of your team.

Upcoming Rerun Banners

Eula, Nahida, and Nilou are possibly the three upcoming characters in Genshin Impact 3.6. Ganyu and Wanderer are also predicted to return in version 3.6, but less possible. Sumeru characters got the priority for the reason that this country and its stories are still being expanded, exploited, and explored through quest chains and events.

According to a recent leak, a new character known as Catgirl from Inazuma is coming to the playable list along with an Inazuma festival in update 3.7. Therefore, some Inazuma characters might return, such as Raiden Shogun and Kazuha.

Upcoming Characters In Upda 3 6
Upcoming rerun characters in update 3.6 can be Nahida, Nilou, and Eula.

The leak also mentioned that Klee might be the rerun character in update 3.8. Hoyoverse never reveals upcoming banners too early. Therefore, Genshin Impact players have to wait for the official announcement before each update.

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