Sangonomiya Kokomi is an important part of Genshin Impact’s story development in Inazuma. In battle, the priestess who is a Hydro Catalyst slots perfectly in the healer role.

She has a slew of unique strengths that spare her apart from other characters of Genshin Impact. For those who want to use her and plan to pull for her in the future rerun, here are the best Kokomi tips to fully utilize her potential.

Genshin Kokomi
Pro tips you cannot miss to use Kokomi!

1. Grab Every Energy Recharge

As Kokomi is a support-prone character like Bennett or Kazuha, players mostly want to have her Elemental Burst ready for cooldown time. The semiaquatic strategist’s Burst has a 70-worth Energy cost. While it is not the highest in Genshin Impact, it can take some time to recharge.

That is why Energy Recharge Sands is a big help in this case and you will also want to focus on ER with your artifacts for Kokomi.

Depending on the used weapon, she will need 160-200% Energy Recharge to use Bursts once the CD time ends.

Energy Recharge
Focusing on Energy Recharge will be optimal in playing as Kokomi.

2. Kokomi Best Weapon Can Be A 3-Star

And it’s the Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. This catalyst offers HP as the secondary stat and it enhances both her damage and healing abilities.

Besides, its passive can buff the next character’s ATK immensely as you switch. This means your main DPS can become even more powerful.

Players can also use Sacrificial Fragments and Prototype Amber for Kokomi healer build.

Genshin Kokomi Thrilling Tales Of Dragon Slayers
Make sure you collect Kokomi ascension materials and weapon materials!

3. Use Her For Both Healing And Damage

Utilizing her healer function is definitely one of the ultimate Kokomi tips. While her Skill’s passive aura and Elemental Burst’s active healing make her the top healer choice in any team, it is essential to know that she can also deal impressive damage.

During the Burst, she can gain extra scaling relative to her Healing Bonus and HP, which upgrades the DMG to whale sizes.

You may combine this with Fischl’s Oz and Beidou’s Burst to make an astute Kokomi team comp and create a destruction whirlpool.

Kokomi Attack
Kokomi healer build and damage build can be equally powerful.

4. Frequently Use Normal Attacks

The best Kokomi tips include using her three-hit Normal Attack sequence. This means players can get to their hardest-hitting move faster.

As a result, it takes less time for you to deal the attack string and the enemies can hardly interrupt while you’re at it.

5. Use Kokomi For Constant Hydro Effect

The fact that her application is consistent, fast, and can easily hit multiple opponents makes her a more popular Hydro character than Mona and Barbara. She can be the fastest Hydro hitter at the moment.

The constant Hydro application to enemies makes her the eminent pick in various Elemental reaction teams like Freeze, Vaporize, and Electro-Charged.

Kokomi Attack
One of the best Kokomi tips is to use her constant Hydro application.

6. You Can Use Kokomi To Walk On Water

It’s a universal fact that Sangonomiya Kokomi’s Burst is usually used for healing and damage, little do many know that she can walk on water in the duration of her Burst.

Although it may sound it has little help combat-wise, you should not miss it for exploration. Once it runs out, her passive talents can reduce your swimming Stamina consumption.

Kokomi Walk On Water
Walk on water like a god with Kokomi.

This is definitely among the best Kokomi skills and the best passive talents in Genshin Impact.

7. Place The Jellyfish Well

Kokomi’s skill is called Bake-Kurage, or Jellyfish. This is the main means for her to heal, deal damage passively, and apply Hydro to foes.

The placement for jellyfish is critical as it cannot follow you or reposition like Fischl’s Oz. The best way is to put Kokomi’s jellyfish close enough to both affect enemies and heal team members.

Kokomi Jellyfish
The Bake-Kurage can benefit you the best even with damage dealing with the ideal position.

8. Use Her Jellyfish Often

Kokomi’s Skill has a 20-second cooldown, but you can achieve near 100% up-time using her Elemental Burst. With the First Ascension Passive Talent, using her Burst can refresh any existing Jellyfish’s duration.

If this ability is used before the Bake-Kurage expires, you will manage to extend its duration in a proper time for her Skill to come off cooldown one more time.

Kokomi Jellyfish Genshin

9. Don’t Forget To Use Hydro Resonance

Elemental Resonance is primary in building Genshin Impact teams. However, Hydro Resonance seems to be deemed the last among the strongest resonance list.

In most cases, it does not offer the equally strong healing buff like other increased ATK or CRIT Rate from other element resonance.

In fact, Kokomi does make Hydro resonance worthwhile, Her healing bonus keeps the team’s HP topped-off in the most intense battle.

Hydro Resonance
A Kokomi team comp with Hydro resonance is lowkey terrifying for enemies.

You can also convert the extra healing into extra damage, especially with the help of the Ocean-Hued Clam Artifact set.

10. Critical Stats Are Not Too Critical Here

Most end-game character building in Genshin Impact requires having high Crit DMG and Crit Rate. But for those who go through Artifact farming, it’s fortunate that Kokomi does not need Crit stats.

This last-but-not-least spec in Kokomi tips recommends you to use her damage during her burst in order to scale off Healing Buff. This way, her attack becomes even tougher for opponents to shake off.

Kokomi banner has just returned with the parallel feature of Raiden Shogun. Make sure you grab on these tips and farm Kokomi ascension materials to gain you the most versatile powerhouse ever.

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