The entire tier of Genshin Impact characters all have interesting backstories, paralyzing attacks, and unique talents specializing in different facets. They can contribute a lot in helping players nail their exploration and combat game.

Let’s take a closer look at what these talents actually do and which Genshin best passive talents are.

Genshin Passive Talents
See the best Genshin Impact passives to use below.

I - What Are Genshin Impact Passive Talents?

Passive Talents provide special effects to certain characters or the whole roster in game. These consist of 1st Ascension Passives, 4th Ascension Passives, and Utility Passives.

Utility Passives, also known as Exploration Talents, might be the most popular among these abilities. They usually offer some kind of utility outside of combat and are automatically unlocked once you obtain a character. The only character with no passive talent is the Traveler.

The most special utility passives are cooking bonus, stamina reduction, navigation, forging bonus…

Genshin Best Passive Talents
Utility Genshin Impact meaning: talents that usually do not involve combat skills.

II - Top 10 Genshin Best Passive Talents

Who has the best passive talent Genshin Impact? Among the 50 characters available in the game right now, we have picked out the best to use.

1. Yanfei: Encyclopedic Expertise

Qiqi used to stay top when it comes to farming Liyue specialties. However, the 4-star Yanfei came along and dethroned her with her talent.

Her Encyclopedic Expertise talent can help you detect Violetgrass and the likes of that. Besides, Yanfei alone can be a DPS carry. This makes her such a go-to choice if you haven’t pulled Qiqi yet.

Yanfei can discover flowers and launch fatal ranged attacks at the same time. How versatile.

2. Sayu: many Passive Talents

As animals in Genshin world move pretty fast when something approaches them, Sayu’s skill is quite outstanding amongst Genshin Impact passives.

Her initial passive talent mechanic makes her seemingly invisible in front of most creatures. With this function, it’s easier to catch Crystalflies, Unagi Meat, Crabs, and more.

Besides, her No Work Today passive talent makes her a trustworthy Co-op healer. And she can also heal the entire team with the Someone More Capable skill every time she launches a Swirl reaction.

Sayu is perfect for exploration.

3. Kazuha: Poetics of Fuubutsu

Kaedehara Kazuha is a 5-star character whose final passive grants a huge buff to any team that heavily relies on elemental reactions.

His Poetics of Fuubutsu offers considerable Elemental DMG Bonus for every point of Elemental Mastery on him. As it is very easy to stack Elemential Mastery up with artifacts, you can thank Kazuha in advance for the mammoth bonus in any fight.

The "Canadian Aether" has the look, the voice, and one of Genshin best passive talents.

4. Sucrose: Mollis Favonius & Astable Invention

The timid girl has the most underrated Genshin best passive talents. Her second passive called Mollis Favonius lets her share a part of her Elemental Mastery with her team. This is ideal to apply for a Diluc roster.

Meanwhile, her Astable Invention talent is out of this world. Sucrose can double the product of character enhancement and crafted weapon materials at a 10% rate.

It’s a solid fact that she learned a lot of her dreamy Albedo.

5. Xiao: Transcension: Gravity Defier

Not only is the only DPS-focused Anemo unit but Xiao also has the godsend passive talent for exploration.

His Transcension: Gravity Defier is also the only one in Genshin Impact character talent list to be able to reduce climbing’s stamina consumption, for now. It is extremely useful when the player must scale cliff surfaces and mountainsides.

Kaeya’s Hidden Strength and Kokomi passive talents also contribute to increasing stamina level, as they decrease 20% or Sprinting and Swimming consumption, respectively.

Xiao, Kaeya, and Kokomi passive talents all involve decreasing consumed stamina.

6. Rosaria: Shadow Samaritan

Rosaria is avidly welcome for her aesthetic and aggressive playstyle. Her talent is also one of the Genshin Impact passives that can be shared with other party members.

Shadow Samaritan shares a bit of Rosaria’s CRIT Rate with the team whenever she launches Elemental Burst.

Rosaria Weapon
Any unit that suffers from a low Crit Rate will find this lady a big help.

7. Ningguang: Trove of Marvelous Treasures

The blond boss lady is special for the fact that she is now the one and only Geo Catalyst wielder. Moreover, she has a nifty talent that reveals all ores in the close vicinity.

Those who want to collect Cor Lapis or Iron Chunks will be glad to have her on their team. And they can find ores in both Liyue and Mondstadt.

8. Albedo & Xingqiu: Flash Of Genius

Albedo and Xingqiu are both geniuses in their respective nations. They even share the same passive talent called Flash of Genius although it does differ a bit.

While Xingqiu’s talent can refund materials utilized in crafting ascension materials, Albedo can double the materials getting crafted with a 10% chance.

Albedo Xingqiu
Just make sure you are using these characters for doing the crafting.

Both of them will make you happy as the effort and resin savings are immense.

9. Venti: Windrider & Stormeye

Practically, Stormeye prevents Venti’s energy from depleting entirely when you use him for Swirl reactions. This energy regeneration also extends to other members of his team.

Venti Flying
The Barbatos is ruling the game with both his active and passive talents.

On another hand, Windrider talent helps reduce gliding stamina consumption. Amber also has this ability, but she is a bit disadvantageous compared to Venti.

This is why users usually use him to reach heights or faraway locations such as the secret Heart Island.

10. Klee: Sparkling Burst & All of my Treasures!

Klee’s capability also enters the best Genshin Impact character talent list. Her Sparkling Burst is ideal for generating energy as it offers energy particles to party members whenever Klee’s Charged Attacks hit critical damage.

Also, her 3rd passive talent called "All of my Treasures!" is the Mondstadt version of Yanfei or Qiqi’s specialty tracker.

If Klee had healing ability, she would have been flawless.

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