Stamina is an important resource while playing Genshin Impact. It can be depleted easily while you swim, run around, climb, dash, and even glide.

That’s why you need to reach maximum stamina in order to rule every aspect of the game. Here’s how you can obtain max stamina Genshin Impact.
Max Stamina Genshin
Getting max stamina Genshin Impact is very important to help you stay alive.

How to Increase Stamina Genshin Impact

There are several ways to increase your stamina in Genshin Impact. However, the only way to reach the cap level is to worship and raise the levels of the Statues of the Seven in Mondtadt, Inazuma, Liyue, Sumeru, and Fontaine.

Each player starts with a 100 base Stamina. Each Statue of The Seven upgrade in each nation will raise the maximum Stamina by 7 for the first and second times. 8 is for the seven remaining times for a total of 70 additional Stamina by Level 10.

The highest possible Stamina is 350 (70 from each group of Statue of The Seven in one nation).

1. Get Oculi and offer to Statues of the Seven

To raise the Statues in each land to level 10 and obtain max stamina, players have to find the oculi in corresponding regions.

Below is the amount of Oculi needed for The Statue of the Seven in every nation at the moment:

  • Mondstadt: 65 Anemoculi
  • Liyue: 130 Geoculi
  • Inazuma: 181 Electroculi
  • Sumeru: 271 Dendroculi
  • Fontaine: 216 Hydroculi

Resonance Stones can be used to help you detect the spots with Oculi nearby. Besides, as you hunt down every Anemoculus, Geoculus, and Electroculus, it is recommended to use the interactive map in order not to miss any.

Resonance Stone
Don't forget to use special gadgets to collect the Oculus.

Do take note that the number of these floating orbs in these regions can exceed the number you need to fully level the statutes up. You can totally keep some to spare. For what event you say? We will have to wait and see until later in the game.

2. Use characters with certain passive talents

Although this way does not increase the total stamina maintenance, characters with a passive talent of decreasing consumed stamina will help you a lot in the game.

Genshin characters with this special ability are Kaeya, Xiao, Beidou, Kokomi, Venti, Razor, Rosaria, and Amber.

As stamina is a shared resource of the entire team, changing from one to another character does not replenish it.

Passive Talent
For example, Amber and Kaeya will use less stamina on your glider and sprinting, respectively.

3. Eat stamina-buff food

If you have managed to get max stamina Genshin Impact, eating the best food will be a common way to replenish it while you’re in the midst of some activity. It’s also a smart way to keep you from dying foolishly in the game.

Some of these foods are Cream Stew, Barbatos Ratatouille, Northern Smoked Chicken, Sticky Honey Roast, etc.

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What is Stamina Used For in Genshin Impact?

Again, Stamina is used for charged attacks, sprinting, swimming, gliding, and climbing.

Charged attacks and dashes are among the most essential skills as they are the ones you will use a lot during fights. Just a bit shortage of this may cost you or your character's life. Imagine you fail to dodge attacks, fall from the heights, or drown when you almost get to the destination. It would feel so disappointing and irritating, especially on the higher difficulties.

Not only that but exploring the overworld requires different tactics also. In some cases, you may find it hard to reach certain heights to obtain exclusive items, for example, Dragonspine’s Crimson Agate or Liyue’s Violetgrass.

Therefore, it is never a bad choice to stock up on as many Oculi as possible and upgrade your stamina to the maximum.

Stamina seems minor but it plays an important role in Genshin Impact.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stamina in Genshin Impact

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