Teyvat is a big world to explore and players tend to be distracted by many things they see along the way. From interesting spots to investigate, opponents to defeat, to tons of materials to collect, there are so many things to take into consideration. And among the plants that beg to be gathered, Violetgrass Genshin Impact is one of the most useful yet tricky to find.

You’ll want to build a stock of this material as soon as possible to craft and upgrade certain characters. As they cannot be found just anywhere, here’s where to find Violetgrass Genshin Impact and what they can be used for.

Violetgrass Genshin
See violetgrass locations Genshin Impact below.

How To Use Violetgrass Genshin Impact

Violetgrass is an elusive plant that serves as an ascension material for some characters and the ingredients in several food recipes.

1. Ascension material

At the time of writing, the most common use of Violetgrass is for the ascensions of Xinyan and Qiqi. The two are now the only Genshin Impact characters who need this plant for their ascension levels.

Qiqi Violetgrass
You need violetgrass to ascend Qiqi and Xinyan to level 90.

2. Food recipe

Apart from that, players who want to process food in the game and make the best dishes will also need Violetgrass locations Genshin Impact navigation. You can use them to cook Stone Harbor Delicacies, Black-Back Perch Stew, and then Wanmin Restaurant’s Boiled Fish.

Here’s how you can craft these dishes:

Recipes Ingredients Effects
Stone Harbor Delicacies (Bought for 2,500 Mora from Licai in Liuli Pavillion)
  • Violetgrass x 1
  • Potato x 2
  • Matsuke x 1
  • Boosts all party members CRIT Rate
  • Increase of 9% for 300 seconds
  • Only works on own characters in co-op
Black-Back Perch Stew (Bought for 5,000 Mora at Wanmin Restaurant)
  • Regenerates 790 HP
  • Restores 30% Max HP every 5 seconds for 30 seconds

If you cook the Black-Back Perch Stew with Xiangling, she may create a dish of Wanmin Restaurant's Boiled Fish which can restore 34% of Max HP as well as regenerate 980 every five seconds for 30 seconds.

where to find Violetgrass Genshin
Get the plant to make some of the best recipes.

Where To Find Violetgrass Genshin Impact

It's difficult to know where to find Violetgrass Genshin, because the plants usually grow in cliff sides. Without some instructions on the Violetgrass farming route, it can be quite tricky to detect their locations.

Players will need to climb up and find the purple plant sprouting out of the rock. You can use the Genshin Impact Interactive map to see the spots where they can spawn.

A few shrubs grow mostly on various cliff faces across Liyue. However, Violetgrass is more usually seen in certain areas like Wuwang Hill, Mt. Aocang, and Mt. Tianheng. Check out the Violetgrass farming route below:

1. Wuwang Hill

If you head southernmost waypoint, you can go on and go northeast to find a few on the cliffs here. The plants also grow in a cluster to the west of the waypoint, near the ruins.

Wuwang Hill Violetgrass
Keep an eye out for cliffs in Wuwang Hill.

2. Mt. Aocang

South of this waypoint is a set of suspended bridges between the cliffs. There are some clusters of Violetgrass around here and the cliff crop between Mt. Hulao and Qingyun Peak.

Mt Aocang Violetgrass
Mt. Aocang area for some violetgrass.

3. Mt. Tianheng

It is great to glide around Liyue Harbor’s West as there are violet grass crops on the west of Mt. Tianberg. Players can also find them north of both waypoints in this region. Head to Qingju Pass and the cliffs south of Danyu Ruins, too.

Although Violetgrass isn’t exclusive in these areas and can be found at places with cliffs, the spots we mentioned above are the easiest locations to farm due to their higher chance of spawns.

Mt Tianheng Violetgrass
Mt. Tianheng

168 Violetgrass is needed for a single character to reach Ascension 6, so it’s best to start farming as early as you can. Even though you may not have Xinyan or Qiqi yet, there is always an opportunity to pick them up later in the game.

Tip: If you have Yanfei or Qiqi, you can see specialties marked with a hand icon on the minimap. This feature can help with navigation big time, although the specialties will be displayed all the same.

Where To Buy Violetgrass Genshin Impact

There are two NPCs in Liyue that sell Violetgrass. They both have stock of 5 Violetgrass which is restocked every 3 days. Each piece costs 1000 Mora.

  • Herbalist Gui

You can find him at Bubu Pharmacy, Liyue Harbor. Qingxin flowers and Lotus Head are also available here, in case you also want to get some.

  • Verr Goldet

The character is located at Wangshu Inn, Dihua Marsh where also sells Silk flowers for Hu Tao ascension.

Violetgrass Purchase
Buy the specialty at stores if you prefer not to wander around.

Players may also buy violetgrass seeds from Tubby with the price of 5 realm currency for one piece, then grow them in the Serenitea Pot. They only take three days to grow in the luxuriant glebe gardening patch.

Now that you know where to find violetgrass Genshin Impact, this sneaky flower should now be much easier to be seen in your travel. Just keep an eye on any cliff or return to Wuwang for a reliable source anytime you need it.

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