The Qingxin is named the apex of pretty flowers in Genshin Impact, not only for the fact that it usually spawns at the highest spots on the map but also for its diverse uses.

Those who want to complete the ascensions for Xiao or Ganyu will want to hunt for some Qingxin flower Genshin Impact. Although there are multiple places to farm this flower, remembering their exact locations can be quite tricky. That’s why we have mapped out the Qingxin flower location list you may need. This will save you a lot of time and help you know more about its uses.

Qingxin Flower
Where to find Qingxin flowers and use them in your Genshin Impact venture.

Qingxin Flower Location

Qingxin Genshin Impact is a plant that tends to grow in hefty places throughout Liyue. The most recommended places to find Qingxin are Guyun Forest and Jueyun Karst.

However, there are more areas in Genshin Impact Interactive map where you can farm these flowers. They are actually more plentiful than players expected.

Qingxin Location
Qingxin can be found in Liyue as a specialty.

You can head to the areas below to get some flowers:

  • Wuwang Hill
  • Lingju Pass
  • Qingyun Peak
  • Mt. Aozang
  • Mt. Hulu

If you have Yanfei or Qiqi on your roster, you can use them to locate Liyue specialties on the map. However, remember that on the mini-map, they only show a marker but it will not tell you which specialty that is.

"A translucent white flower that only grows on the highest stone peaks."

The Best Qingxin Farming Route

Knowing the Qingxin flower location can be vain if you do not know the most time-efficient way to farm the plants.

Therefore, one of the most recommended ways is to farm it by heading to Huaguang Stone Forest, then follow this route from Mt. Aocang (which used to be Mt. Aozang before the change of name). From here, players can also visit the Qingyun Peak and approach Jueyun Karst to collect some more plants.

Keep in mind that you may need to glide a lot as many of these Qingxin Genshin Impact flowers grow in high locations. Use the teleport waypoint on Mt. Aocang and the wind gust through the Stone Forest to have a boost on the high. Be alarmed of fall damage and take care of your stamina while gliding between harvesting points.

Wuwang Qingxin
Follow the route to be able to farm every Qingxin Genshin in town.

In case you need more Qingxin, go to Qingce Village to climb the mountain or teleport to Liyue Harbor to purchase the flowers.

Where To Buy Qingxin Flowers Genshin Impact

If you prefer getting the items in a more straightforward way rather than wandering around, you may also check this Qingxin Flower location to buy some with Mora.

1. Qingxin purchase location

Players can visit Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor to get Qingxin from Herbalist Gui. Each piece of Qingxin costs 600 Mora and you can buy 10 flowers for each stock.

As Bubu Pharmacy restocks on a weekly basis, make sure to pay a visit every other time to stack Qingxin flowers up. Also, you can swing by for other materials such as Violetgrass or Lotus Head while you’re there.

Qingxin Shop
You can buy some from the shop.

2. Where to find Bubu Pharmacy

For those who are clueless about Bubu Pharmacy’s location, you can find it in the Liyue harbor’s Yujing Terrace. It is located on top of some stairs and is open for several hours for shopping.

It is also at this location that you will meet Dr. Baizhu and Qiqi in the main story.

Herbalist Gui
Meet Herbalist Gui to get the plants.

How To Use Qingxin Flowers

Qingxin is among the most sought-after plants for a reason. It can be used for different purposes such as food ingredients and ascension materials.

1. Food ingredient

Players can toss Qingxin flowers into their recipe. It is essential in making Tianshu Meat which is a good dish for Physical DMg and CRIT rate boost. The ingredients require some Qingxin flowers along with Meat, Matsutake, Sugar.

Qingxin respawn time takes a couple of days.

2. Ascension materials

You will want to hoard as many Qingxin Genshin Impact as possible if you have a plan to upgrade the limited 5-star characters.

Both Ganyu and Xiao need Qingxin flowers to reach higher levels of ascension. The more of them you have, the easier you can make your characters undefeatable in intense boss fights.

It is also worth mentioning that these flowers do not respawn daily. Hence, players need to wait for a couple of days before farming them again.

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