It’s a universal fact that almost everything in Genshin Impact is functional in some ways. However, multiple items are considered not very useful in the gameplay.

Some are useless as they lose their usefulness after an event is finished or after they successfully served their temporary purpose. Meanwhile, some are useless for they are just pointless to exist in Genshin Impact.

Let’s see which useless Genshin Impact items are and why they are underrated.

Raiden Yae

6. The Bell

The Bell is useless to some people as there is yet a Claymore character who can scale its performance by Max Health. The same thing happened before Itto, Gorou, and the Husk of Opulent were released. If miHoYo finally introduces a Claymore user scaled by HP, it will become their top-best weapon.

Supposed that some HP-to-damage converting artifacts happen, The Bell and Diluc may also become a great duo.

All in all, it is just waiting for its right wielder.

The Bell
The Bell can be called the masterless weapon as of the moment.

5. Wind Blessed Harpastum

Most people do not know what to do with Wind Blessed Harpastum.

However, it did prove to be useful when you cannot or are just lazy to summon a bow user. Several users have shared their experience, saying they used it to hit the spinning cube puzzles in Inazuma when there is one afloat higher than the rest. You may also use it to fight the Eye of the Storm.

Wind Blessed Harpastum
Wind Blessed Harpastum gadget

4. Fishing rods

Fishing was a trend in update 2.1. And most players only go fishing to get The Catch or when they are out of fish to cook.

Most of the time, they will return to their daily lives in Genshin Impact once The Catch has been obtained. This makes fishing rods forgettable.

Fishing Rods
Some also find fishing rods not too funtional.

3. Special Kamera

We have the Kamera gadget in the Inventory to capture moments while we strut and engage in special errands. The normal Kamera has already done that job pretty well, leading to opinions surrounding its Special counterpart.

Some say that filter does not make the pictures that special anyways.

Special Kamera
Players say it’s just “the Kamera with a filter”.

2. Wings of Descension

Gamers of Genshin Impact can surpass any limits to get wing sliders from accelerating Friendship levels or Reputation Rank. However, the Wings of Descension is considered among the useless Genshin Impact items for a reason.

They are free for PS4/PS5 users. Mobile and PC players can also obtain them. But you cannot use them on Android or PC after unlocking them.

1. Loach Pearl

There are indeed things in Genshin Impact that miHoYo never gave a proper usage. Loach Pearls are a prominent example. You may have come across some loaches running around in the wild and managed to collect the pearls from them.

Loach Pearl
Let's see if Loach Pearls will be used for any purpose in future updates.

However, it’s surprising that they are not used for any purpose at the moment, even for character ascension. We will have to wait until it is actually functional for the gameplay.

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