The more you play Genshin Impact, the more secret locations, quests, treasures, and even characters there are. Initially, you can hardly spot them and assume that they have any role in your exploring experience. Some Genshin Impact secrets can come from the most random things you do in the game, yet they give considerable rewards as you complete.

Here’s a list of things you may have not noticed in your world.

1. Bank Heist

There is a bank in Liyue marked with a diamond symbol in the main town. Navigate some stories to search for the entrance where Nadia the NPC guards. Once you get inside, you can take the stairs on the right of the front desk and go all the way up.

The top of the stairs has a secret chest with 200,000 Mora. This treasure is excellent when you need money to level up materials, weapons, and characters.

Bank Heist
You can steal 200,00 Mora in Northland Bank without being caught.

2. Hidden Audio Achievement

This achievement can be attained albeit the gameplay. You can get the achievement called "...You could hear Paimon all along, couldn't you?" after going to Settings and continuously alter the Dialogue setting between high and low.

Until a certain point, you can hear Paimon’s irritated voice and a 5-Primogem worth achievement.

You Could Hear Paimon All Along Couldnt You
Joking with Paimon will also grant Primogems.

3. Run Melos!

Most Genshin Impact easter eggs include hidden unmentioned achievements and Run Melos is one of them. You are required to run non-stop for 15 seconds. While running that long is difficult to carry out without restoring stamina, you may dash until the stamina runs out and then jump off. This will keep the dash momentum going on.

Run Melos
Running alone can get you some gems.

4. Waterfall Chest in Mondstadt

Stormbearer Mountains are mostly visited if you want to defeat Anemo Hypostasis. However, one of Genshin Impact secrets lies there at the bottom of a waterfall.

Reach the mountains’ very northern area where you can find a massive waterfall. Simply glide downward and you shall discover a luxurious chest.

Stormbearer Chest
There's a hidden chest down below the waterfall.

5. Fantastic Four Achievement

This can be amongst the easiest yet the hardest Genshin Impact secret achievements. Those who are blessed by the gacha mechanic and have at least four characters of the same element can carry out this little game.

To finish Fantastic Four achievement, you need to complete any domain trial using 4 same-element characters.

Mono Team

6. Chloris The Merchant

The higher level your character has, the harder it becomes to upgrade with the requirement of higher-quality items. If you are tired of waiting for these materials to respawn, you can come to Chloris for help.

She can be seen strolling along the main path above Windrise teleport waypoint area. Talk to her and purchase the stock of items you need.

In fact, her stock renews a couple of days. She will be useful if you want to upgrade characters like Barbara, Razor, and Lisa.

Chloris The Merchant
The little girl does not stay in one place, so you'd better catch up with her fast.

7. Specialty Dishes

Even cooking has something to do with Genshin Impact secrets. Every character has their own special dish. These advanced versions can offer better bonuses compared to their original recipes.

When cooking, be sure to check which recipes a character might specialize in.

Before cooking, make sure to check if there is any character that specializes in making it. For example, Ganyu's Prosperous Peace dish can restore 40% of Max HP and an additional 2,350 HP to the selected character. This regeneration is better than its common counterpart.

Special Dish
Make sure you change characters while cooking to get unique dishes.

8. Gliding Achievements

A lot of Genshin Impact secret achievements reward players for gliding around Teyvat.

Hey, Cheater achievement is one of them. In the Straight to the Heart daily commission, you can choose to jump and glide from the mark to the target location instead of running down the ledge and fighting slimes. This will reveal the Hey, Cheater achievement.

Wouldnt Gliding Be Faster
Genshin Impact easter eggs can lie in any commission.

On another hand, you can glide all the way from Starsnatch Cliff across to the island. Max out your stamina with food mid-way to make this possible. Once landed, you shall get the It's The Same As Having Wings achievement and Golden Gliding License.

9. Bloodstained Chevalier's Set

This is a simple method to get high-quality items in Genshin Impact. You can get to the Mondttadt cathedral and speak to a nun called Victoria.

As she speaks to you, choose the third dialogue option and she will provide a high-quality item from the Bloodstained Chevalier's artifact set.

Bloodstained Chevaliers Set
It is completely free and you can take it with no risk.

Moreover, there are different stats on the items but if you are blessed by luck, you may get a part that enhances base ATK damage or high physical damage.

10. Secret Heart Island

This Genshin Impact secret island has a rock structure shaping like a heart and can only be reached with two methods. If you have Venti on your roster, you can use his special gliding skill to get there. On another hand, using the ice bridge by Kaeya will help you get across the ocean.

Stand inside the heart with a friend and a Luxurious Chest will spawn as you also earn Unswerving achievement.

Heart Island
Get to the Genshin Impact secret island and invite your friend in for rewards.

11. Exquisite Chest in Wangshu Inn

Besides the shops, side quests, and common chests you can find in Liyue, there is a chest that is extremely hard to find outside the inn.

Jump off the inn from its southeast corner and after that, glide towards the watermill. Just swim under the building to the place that connects to the mill.

Use a Cryo character to activate the token and a chest under the inn will spawn.

12. Nameless Treasure Quest

You may notice that you have special items called nameless treasures but do not know what to do with them. This is also one of Genshin Impact secrets as there’s a hidden quest that lets you cash these in for Mora and 40 Primogems.

Once having collected three treasures from quests and puzzles in Liyue, visit the shop near the Souvenir shop and talk to Linlang after 9 p.m. Talk to her to unlock to special dialogue option that starts the quest.

Nameless Treasure
Genshin Impact secrets are even located in the Inventory

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