Almost every little thing in Genshin Impact has something to do with the in-game stories and progress. Genshin Impact friendship stands among those factors, although not too highlighted.

Increasing each character’s Friendship will unlock more voice lines, stories, and even give players rewards at certain levels. Here’s a guide on how it works and how you can benefit from this feature.

Genshin Impact Friendship
What does Friendship in Genshin Impact mean?

I - What is Genshin Impact Friendship?

1. How does Friendship EXP work in Genshin Impact?

Friendship in Genshin Impact is a system that lets you befriend your characters and you can level it up accumulating Companion EXP.

To unlock this feature, players must reach Adventure Rank 12 to activate Daily Missions, then complete the Genshin Impact Friendship quest called “Every Day a New Adventure.” After all is done, every character in your current roster will get the companionship experience, and the friendship will automatically level up.

Companionship Exp
Do Genshin Impact friendship quest "Every Day a New Adventure" to get this feature unlocked.

If players want to know how to check Friendship level Genshin Impact, visit your character profile and look for the Friendship bar at the screen’s lower right.

Friendship Level
How to check Friendship level Genshin Impact? See the bottom right corner of your profile screen.

2. Friendship Genshin Impact rewards

Each Friendship level reached will yield some rewards. See as below:

  • Level 1: Unlock Serenitea Pot dialogue “How do you like it here?''
  • Levels 2- 3: Each unlocks a new Character Story.
  • Level 4: A new Character Story, a Bonus Story special to each character, plus ''Would you like to have a chat with me?'' Serenitea Pot dialogue.
  • Levels 5-6: Unlock remaining Character Stories, the character’s Vision Story, and more voice lines for the character.
  • Level 7: Serenitea Pot dialogue ''Is there anything you'd like to do?''.
  • Level 10: A name card based on the character.
Friendship Reward namecard
Genshin Impact Friendship Level 10 gives the most wanted reward of all that listed.

II - How do I increase my Friendship with Genshin Impact?

There are many ways to increase your Friendship in the game.

1. Daily Commissions

Daily Missions are the quickest method to gain Companionship EXP, although players can only complete four of them every day. Besides, you can also get Primogems, bonus rewards, and keys to open character hangout events.

Companionship EXP is given after each commission and you can get a greater amount of it at Katheryne’s place post completing all commissions.

Daily Commission
Completing 4 Daily Commissions will give you Primogems, Companionship EXP and more.

2. Ley Lines

The Companionship EXP needed to increase Friendship Level can be earned simultaneously with other resources like Mora and character EXP.

In this case, you can rely on ley lines to ascend characters, strengthen gear, and most importantly, level up Friendship.

However, ley lines of any color grant the smallest amount of Friendship EXP to your members. That number will go up with your World Level.

Ley Line Jpg
The EXP for world levels 1 to 4 is 15, and 20 EXP for 5 and up.

3. Normal and Weekly Bosses

Fighting bosses may be the most thrilling way to collect EXP. Between Normal and Weekly Bosses, the latter shall gain you more Companion EXP. However, you can only defeat them three times before the weekly reset.

Once a Normal Boss, aka World Boss, is defeated, you need 40 Original Resin to unlock the Trounce Blossom and claim the prizes. The Companion EXP ranges from 30 to 45.

On another hand, Weekly Bosses give more rewards but are harder to fight. The first time requires 30 Original Resin to open the Trounce Blossoms, and the next two times need 60 for each. A fallen Weekly Boss gives 55-70 Companionship EXP.

Weekly Boss Jpg
Weekly bosses have trounce limits each week.

4. Domains

Another place you can head to for Genshin Impact Friendship farm is Domains. If you are lucky enough to get your desired artifacts from boss drops alone, you probably did not need to spend too much time finding tips to complete domains (until element-based sets are more essential in the later game).

For those with less fortune, leveling friendship and collecting artifacts seem to take forever to complete. However, the great news is grinding one of these will simultaneously boost the other.

Peak Of Vindagnyr Domain
Farming domains is also a way to accumulate Friendship EXP.

Depending on the difficulty, the domains gift players 15-20 Companionship EXP. Though it sounds very humble, it’s still a way to help you reach Level 10 of Friendship while also farming artifacts.

5. Mystic Enhancement Ores (Magical Crystal Chunks)

Each Mystic Enhancement Ore you forge using Magical Crystal Chunks will drop 10 Companionship EXP. And there is a 300,000 Weapon EXP limit of ore that a player can forge daily.

For the unknown, as long as you have Mora and the materials, you may craft as many Mystic Enhancement Ores as you want.

Mystic Enhancement Ores
The Unlimited Recipe may only gift you 10 Friendship EXP for 6 Ores, but it just takes 5 seconds.

6. Random Events

The final method is least known yet very important in expediting your friendship farming.

You can come across them on the way to collect ingredients for food recipes or fight enemies. They give from 10-15 Companion EXP per day. The number is quite certainly 15 if you have reached World Level 6. You can complete these Random Events 10 times per day before they reset.

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