The arrival of Shenhe and the return of Ganyu are definitely making the Cryo family in Genshin Impact the happiest enthusiasts in the world. Some characters of this element may not be the top super-powered parties, you can chill things up by combining the appropriate units.

If you are confused over whom to add to your mono-Cryo roster, take a look at the best Genshin Impact Cryo characters.

5. Diona

Diona is among the best supports in the game and she can outperform Qiqi with her versatility. This pint-sized bartender can fire Cryo missiles and create a shield with the Ice Paws skill. Her Signature Mix burst can deal damage and heal at the same time.

Diona may be small but her skills cannot be underestimated.

If you focus on her CRIT and equip her with Favonius Warbow, the archer can produce energy for the entire team while staying afar and firing Icy Paws off.

4. Shenhe

Same to Gorou in Geo team, Shenhe is the most suitable for support in a Cryo-only party. Her Icy Quills can buff Cryo DMG for every character. And as the damage buff she grants scales with her attacks, you can build her as a sub-DPS character and use her to lower Cryo and Physical damage resistance with AoE bursts.

Version 2 4 Shenhe
Shenhe is great as a support instead of DPS.

Although it’s a bit tricky to apply Shenhe’s boosted attacks, you can earn plenty of damage support if you get used to her playstyle.

3. Eula

One of the best Genshin Impact Cryo characters is Eula who is all about physical damage. While being a Cryo DMG-dealer sounds quite odd, she is unrivaled in this category.

Genshin Impact Eula
Using elemental reactions will make her even more formidable.

Those who love one-shotting will love to use her Lightfall Sword burst. The attack numbers you get will be quite insane if you focus on her Physical DMG and use skills like Raiden Shogun’s Eye of Stormy Judgment to boost it.

Create the best team with Eula team comp for the best outcome.

2. Ayaka

Same as Mona, she becomes an icy mist as she sprints and once she exits this state, the nearby enemies will be applied with Cryo. If players dash between enemies, this will be a fun playstyle.

Kamisato Ayaka is the goddess when it comes to applying Cryo status and freezing opponents.

Besides, what makes her one of the best Genshin Impact Cryo characters is her Elemental Burst. This powerful move unleashes a snowstorm moving in the enemies’ direction. Her only setback is her inability to dodge or sprint while fighting opponents.

1. Ganyu

Ganyu is indeed the ice queen of the Cryo element. You can build her as a DPS in your team and fight enemies without breaking a sweat.

All hail Ganyu the queen of DPS!

The half-Adeptus unit can freeze foes and deal critical hits that strike at weak points. Meanwhile, Ganyu’s passive enhances the Crit rate of all subsequent arrows she launches by 20%. Her ability to summon an Ice Lotus that explodes and AoE burst boosting Cryo DMG makes her a versatile damage-dealer.

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