Using teleport waypoints is the best way to help players move faster on the large Teyvat map. But you also need some tips to travel quickly and reach the targeted locations when it's far from the waypoints and Statue of Seven. Check out these best tips to travel faster in Genshin Impact.

#1. Increase Your Stamina

When you use the Dash button to increase the speed of movement in Genshin Impact, your characters consume stamina. You can increase the Stamina capacity by upgrading the level of the Statue of Seven.

Statue Of Seven
Level up the Statue Of Seven to increase the Stamina capacity.

With a larger Stamina capacity, you can use the Dash button more times to travel fast in Genshin Impact. You can also swim and climb a farther distance safely with a larger Stamina capacity.

Genshin Impact players can also reduce Stamina consumption by eating Stamina Boosting Dish. It's useful when your character is tucked inside a large water area or in the air.

Dash In Genshin Impact
Dash in Genshin Impact.

#2. Build An Exploration Team

Some characters in Genshin Impact have passive talents that are better for exploration. Kamisato Ayaka and Mona are the two best characters for moving in this game. Their Alternate Sprints let them move faster than other characters.

In addition, Kaeya has a higher sprint speed. So, he can move faster when you use the Dash button. Besides, you should use tall characters like Diluc, Childe, Lisa, Jean, etc. for exploration because they run faster than short characters like Diona and Qiqi.

Alternate Sprints
Mona's Alternate Sprints let her move fast.

Moreover, skills and Elements of Genshin Impact characters also affect their movement speed. For example, the elemental skill of Xiao lets him lunge forward twice before CD to dash on the ground or in the air. Besides, Diona's passive talent increases her speed while decreasing the Stamina consumption of this character when using the Dash button.

You can reduce Stamina consumption and increase the movement speed by combining two Anemo characters in your team.

#3. Use Exploration Gadgets

Genshin Impact players can also use some useful gadgets to travel quickly. Check out all available tools to increase your movement speed in this game.

  • Red Feather Fan

It's available to obtain from Inazuma Reputation rewards. When you reach level 5, you will get this gadget. This tool helps increase the gliding speed of your character by 30% in 30 seconds before a 100-second CD. Keep in mind that you cannot use the Red Feather Fan before gliding because you cannot use it midair.

Obtain Red Feather Fan From Inazuma Reputation Lev
Red Feather Fan
  • Portable Waypoint Gadget

The Portable Waypoint can be contained at Mondstadt's Reputation Level 6. It works like a temporary teleport waypoint. It will expire after 7 days. You place the waypoint at your current location to come back there later. It's very useful when you want to move to a place repeatedly.

Portable Waypoint
Portable Waypoint Gadget

Those are the best tips to travel faster in Genshin Impact. It helps you explore Teyvat quickly and complete missions faster when you are in a hurry.

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