Genshin Impact Shenhe is the latest character to come to the game. There are some secrets about this character that lots of players haven't known. Here are things you may do not know about Shenhe.

Shenhe Secret
Shenhe has some secrets you may want to know.

#1. Shenhe DOESN'T Know Ganyu

Though both Shenhe and Ganyu are pupils of Cloud Retainer, Shenhe does not know her mate. Shenhe knows Ganyu's name but she doesn't really know her mate as a person. Both of them are working as an Adeptus in Liyue, and protect people and this nation from dangerous monster.

Ganyu and Shenhe are not trained together. So, they don't meet each other when they were taughted by the Cloud Retainer. Besides, Shenhe is prone to maintain her solitude while Ganyu is so busy with work. Then, they have no chance to meet each other.

Shenhe Ganyu
Shenhe does not really know Ganyu

#2. Shenhe Respects Ningguang

Ningguang is known as the richest person in Teyvat but she does not use her money for her own. This generous woman dedicates not only her power and life in protecting Liyue but also her wealth in developing this nation, making Liyue the most prosperous nation in Teyvat.

That's why Shenhe respects Ningguang a lot. Moreover, Shenhe also respects Ningguang's ability in understanding people and their emotions. As Shenhe lives as a hermit and does not interact with people much, she finds it hard to read other people's thoughts.

Ningguang is a generous and honorable woman to Shenhe.

#3. She Is Chongyun's Aunt

When Shenhe appears in Genshin Impact for the first time, many players think she and Chongyun are siblings due to some similarity of them. But she is confirmed to be Chongyun's auntie. Though Chongyun still bares his own peculiarities, Shenhe and Chongyun still show their 'family line' in many aspects.

Is Shenhe Related To Chongyun In Genshin Impact
She is Chongyun's auntie.

#4. Adepti Taught Her Exorcism

Shenhe is the child of a exorcist couple and inherit exorcist bloodline of her family. But she didn't learn exorcism from her family but she leant it from the Adepti. The Cloud Retainer took and taught his character many techniques. Then, she uses those techniques to defeat evils and demons around the Adepti's abode.

She learnt exorcism from the Adepti.

#5. Shenhe DOESN'T Know Mundane Solutions

As Shenhe always stays solitude, she is not good at mundane solution. She cannot understand other people an their emotions. Shenhe left the human civilization to live in the Adepti's adobe in remote mountains since she was very young. So, she didn't grow up like normal children. Therefore, it's hard for Shenhe to find solutions to mundane issues.

Shenhe Often Eats Flowers And Herbs
Shenhe often eats flowers and herbs.

#6. She Often Eat Herbs

Shenhe lives in the mountain since young age, so, she get acquainted with eating herbs. She can't be picky for what food when living in a remote adobe. Therefore, Shenhe often chews Qingxin stalks.

Besides, Shenhe used to have blackhair when she was a litle girl. Then, her teacher gave a Jade Comb and asked her to comb her hair three times per day with that comb. After two strokes, her hair turns white.

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