Bamboo Shoots come in handy as one of Genshin Impact's cooking materials. Although these small bulb-looking plants are not yet needed in any character ascension, they do be titled unique and are not common to find.

Here’s the best Bamboo Shoot Genshin Impact location, the best farming route, and the recipes you will use it for.

Bamboo Shoot Location
Where is the best location to farm Bamboo Shoot?

Bamboo Shoot Genshin Impact location

1. Where to find Genshin Bamboo Shoot

Most commonly, you can find bamboo shoots growing in bamboo stalks southwest and east of Qingve Village, Liyue region.

2. Bamboo Shoot farming route

Apparently, the best Bamboo Shoot Genshin Impact location is in Liyue’s northern part, to the west of Qingce Village.

Players can start from the teleport waypoint at the southern end and follow the trail running along the cliff. You can see the whole section bordered by bamboo trees, and check these groves to find plentiful shoots.

Qingce Bamboo
Follow the trail along this edge in Qingce Village's southwest and you shall find many shoots.

Also, several patches spawn on the cliff to the path’s east side. Make sure you climb up there and gather them. Bamboo Shoots in Genshin Impact are small and close to the ground. They barely stand out on the graph, so look for the sparkle to spot them easily.

Next, head to the east of Qingce Village and go for the large temple which appears as a blue circle with jutting out rectangles on the minimap. Check behind it and you will see Bamboo Shoots poking up in the midst of tall bamboo trees growing between the temple and rock wall.

Bamboo Shoot Location
Visit these locations and you will get 15-20 bamboo shoots in no time.

Can you buy Bamboo Shoot Genshin?

Apart from finding Bamboo Shoot Genshin Impact location in the wild, you can buy it at Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue. The cost for each piece is 215 Mora and each stock of 10 is available at a time. Discounts can apply if you improve your Reputation rank in Liyue.

Bamboo Shoot
Each Bamboo Shoot costs 215 Mora.

How to use Bamboo Shoot in Genshin Impact

Players need Bamboo Shoots in several food recipes such as Bamboo Shoot Soup or Triple-Layered Consomme.

These two foods offer bonus effects that players will find useful to keep on deck when in trouble. Bamboo Shoot Soup grants HP healing and 20 seconds of HP regeneration. Meanwhile, Triple-Layered Consomme will strengthen the shield properties for your active characters.

Other recipes that require Bamboo Shoots are Tonkatsu Ramen, Oncidium Tofu, Wakatakeni, and Slow Cooked Bamboo Shoot Soup which is Zhongli’s special dish.

Slow Cooked Bamboo Soup
You may make a special dish of Bamboo Shoot if you have Zhongli.

Travelers may need to note that although resources like Horsetail, Bamboo Shoots, and Loach Pearls currently have limited uses, they may have more purposes as Genshin Impact expands. Future updates might introduce more delicacies that involve Bamboo Shoots and you will find stocking up on these useful for the long run.

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