Qingxin Flower are a Local Specialty found in the wild all over Liyue. It is quite a rare flower that can be found mostly in the mountainous areas in Liyue. They are hard to find but they are also the essential material to level up some of the most powerful characters in Genshin Impact.

In this article, we will include farm route, location, respawn time, and where to buy Qingxin Flower in Genshin Impact.

Ganyu Qingxin Flower
Qingxin Flower is the essential material in Genshin Impact to ascend Ganyu.

1. Qingxin Flower Genshin Impact location

Qingxin Flower can be found scattering in mountainous areas in Liyue and they grow individually so there will be only 1 in each spot. You can usually find them on the very top of a mountain so there will be a lot of climbing and gliding. Make sure you use stamina consumption reduction food such as Barbatos Ratatouille or Cream Stew to climb safely.

Here are the 4 locations in Liyue to find the most Qingxin Flower.

  • To the east Lingju Pass
  • Qingce Village
  • Minwin
  • Huguang Stone Forest

2. Qingxin Flower Genshin Impact farm route

Just like any other material, it's best to have a farming route to maximize the number of Qingxin Flowers you can get in the shortest time. Here are the Qingxin Flower Genshin Impact farm routes.

  • Mt.Tianheng: We are going to start at the waypoint next to the Domain of the Wayward Path, going west and then south.
Quingxin Flower Farm 1
Qingxin Flower Genshin Impact farm route Mt.Tianheng
  • Mingyun Village: In this farming location, there are 2 farming routes, both starting from the Statue of The Seven.
Quingxin Flower Farm 2
Qingxin Flower Genshin Impact farm route Mingyun Village
  • Liyue Stone Forest: This is where you will find the most Qingxin Flowers in Genshin Impact. They are also super easy to find. You start from the waypoint on top of Mt. Aocang and Mt. Hulao, flying toward the top of stone pillars nearby to get flowers.
  • Jueyun Karst: Qingxin Flowers scatter around in a large area around Jueyun Karst so it will take you quite a lot of time to gather all of them.
Quingxin Flower Farm 3
Qingxin Flower Genshin Impact farm route Liyue Stone Forest and Jueyun Karst

Qingxin Flowers will regrow 48 hours after you pick them up. If you don't want to wait, you can also join the world of other players to collect more Qingxin Flowers. This is the fastest way to get as many Qingxin Flowers as you want in a short time.

You can ask your friends to join their world or enter co-op mode and enter the world of random players. If you are entering the world of a random player, make sure you ask for their permission to collect Qingxin Flowers first.

Check out the video below if you have trouble looking for Qingxin Flowers.

3. Where to buy Qingxin Flower Genshin Impact

Apart from collecting Qingxin Flower in the wild, you can also buy Qingxin Flower from Bubu Pharmacy. The price is 600 Mora each and there is a total of 10 Qingxin Flowers in stock. The stock here refreshes every day so remember to come back and claim them.

Bubu Pharmacy
You can buy 10 Quingxin Flowers in Bubu Pharmacy every day.

Another way to obtain Qingxin Flower is through gardening in the Tea Pot. Qingxin Seeds can be planted in A Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe. When they are fully grown, you can harvest for Qingxin Flowers. Qingxin Seeds can be obtained by collecting Qingxin with the Seed Dispensary gadget equipped.

You can also get 3 Qingxin FLowers by talking to Qinglian at Stone Gate, Liyue for the first time.

4. Qingxin Flower uses in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Qingxin Flower is used for two main purposes: ascension material and cooking foods.

Character ascension

Qingxin Flower is the ascension material for Ganyu, Xiao, and Shenhe. You need Qingxin Flower to increase their level cap. Shenhe is a great Cryo support if you got her in the previous banner.

Both Ganyu and Xiao are top-tier DPS characters in Genshin Impact so you would want to level them as soon as possible. Also, check out this Ganyu team comp guide and Xiao team comp guide to learn how to deal with the most DPS.

You need a total of 168 Qingxin Flowers to completely ascend 1 character to ascension 6.

Ganyu Ascension
You will need quite a lot of Quingxin Flower to ascend your Ganyu in Gesnhin Impact.

Food ingredient

Qingxin Flower is one of the ingredients for Tianshu Meat, an ATK-boost food, which increases all party members' Physical DMG by 20 - 40% and increases CRIT Rate by 6-10% for 300s.

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