Original Resin is one of the most important resources in Genshin Impact. You need it to obtain boss rewards, domain rewards, Ley Line Outcrops for EXP, Mora, Artifacts, and more. However, the amount of Original Resin you can get each day is limited.

One of the ways to get more Original Resin in Genshin Impact is by using Transient Resin. Let's find out what Transient Resin is and how can you obtain them.

What is Genshin Impact Transient Resin?

Genshin Impact Transient Resin is an item that will give you 60 Original Resin when used, just like Fragile Resin. Once used the Transient Resin will disappear. Also, Transient Resin will be decomposed with time.

Transient Resin Genshin
Transient Resin is a consumable item to replenish Original Resin in Genshin Impact.

Here is the in-game description of the item:

Pure energy that will dissipate with time. In this, it is similar to all else that is lovely in this world. But seize this opportunity and go make the world a slightly better place, as is fitting for one who dwells within the bounds of "time".

To use Transient Resin, click on the plus icon next to your Resin number and choose Transient Resin to get 60 Original Resin.

How long does Transient Resin last?

Transient Resin has an expiry date once you obtain it. The expiry date is 7 days from the Monday of the next week after you purchase it, so basically from 7 days -14 days. For example, if you obtain a Transient Resin on Tuesday it will last for 13 days.

Multiple Transient Resins obtained on different weeks will have their expiration dates counted independently.

So if you want to have some extra Resin then make sure you use Transient Resin before using your Fragile Resin since you can store your Fragile Resin forever.

How to get Genshin Impact Transient Resin

You can buy Transient Resin from the Realm Depot in the Serenitea Pot after you have reached Trust Rank Six.

Trust Rank Genshin
You need to reach Trust Rank 6 before you can buy Transient Resin.

You can open Realm Depot by speaking with NPC Tubby. You can find it in the Realm Treasure tab and it costs 1200 Realm Currency. You can only buy 1 Transient Resin per week. While it is not much, it is certainly a nice bonus every week.

Transient Resin Genshin 1
You can buy Transient Resin for 1200 Realm Currency in Realm Depot.

About Serenitea Pot, Realm Depot, and Realm Currency

Serenitea Pot is a feature introduced in the 1.5 version. In the realm, the player can place buildings, geological features, furniture, decorations, plants,... however they like. Creating Furnishings for the first time in the Realm will increase Trust and Trust Rank. Reaching a higher Trust Rank will earn players Primogems, Blue Prints, and new features.

Serenitea Pot
You can build your own world in Serenitea Pot and get multiple rewards.

The more Furnishings there are in your realm, the higher your Adeptal Energy Rank is. Realm Currency is generated automatically based on your Adeptal Energy Rank. At the lowest Adeptal Energy Rank, it will take you 12.5 days to get 1200 Realm Currency. At the highest Adeptal Energy Rank, it will take you 2 days to get 1200 Realm Currency.

Since Transition Resin is sold at such a high price, it is recommended that players should increase their Trust Rank as high as possible and focus on collecting Furnishing and Trust Rank Rewards first.

Is Transient Resin worth buying?

Since a Transient Resin costs 1200 Realm Currency, which is quite expensive, you can also buy other items such as Hero's Wit, Mora, Mystic Enahnment Ore,... with Realm Currency, many people wonder if Transient Resin is worth buying or not.

Leyline Genshin
You can get more resources when you farm it yourself using Transient Resin.

Well, someone on Reddit has done the math. In short, yes, it is absolutely worth buying Transient Resin. The higher your Adventure Rank is, the more resources you can get from Transient Resin. It is 80% more effective to buy Transient Resin compared to buying Hero's Wit, Mora directly using Realm Currency.

How many Transient Resin can you have?

Since a Transient Resin can only last for 2 weeks maximum and you can only buy 1 Transient Resin per week, you can only have a maximum of 2 Transient Resins at a time.


  • You can use Transient Resin to restore 60 Resin.
  • Transient Resin has an expiration time of 7 days from the Monday of the next week after you purchase it.
  • Once per week, you can buy Transient Resin for 1200 Realm Currency from the Realm Depot in the Serenitea Pot after you have reached Trust Rank Six.

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