Unagi Meat Genshin Impact arrived in update 2.1. This material can only be obtained from the blue and red eels respectively called Adorned Unagi and Red-Finned Unagi, near the shores.

Although they are part of some very benefitting recipes to buff characters on the field, they do not seem as common as fish or crabs in the game.

That's why knowing their locations will be the best way to farm them efficiently.

Unagi Location
Where to find eels to get Unagi Meat in Genshin Impact.

About Unagi Meat Genhin Impact

The official game description for the Unagi meat is as below:

“The fresh meat of an Unagi. If handled properly, it can be used to make fresh, lovely food.”

Like what Unagi meat in real life is used for, the in-game meat is a “much-beloved delicacy” for Inazuma when grilled. Therefore, you can expect some characters in the Electro land to request dishes involving this adorable yet delicious creature in the future.

Unagi Meat Genshin Impact locations

You can mainly find the eels in the shallow water bodies in Inazuma, but their range across the region is not the same.

Regardless of the species caught, it will give you the default Unagi Meat.

Unagi Genshin
Eels can be found in certain spots around Inazuma and other regions.

As aforementioned, instead of spawning all around, this material only appears in a number of certain locations. Most notably, these eels are usually at the northwest side, the eastern edge of the northeast island part which contains Suigetsu Pool, the beach below Borou Village, the southern edge of the western cove by Mouun Shrine, and across the beaches in the east.

Let's see the Unagi Meat interactive map in each region below.

1. Kannazuka and Watatsumi Island

As shown in the picture as follows, the island has the most abundant population of eels that both Enkanomiya and Inazuma combine.

Kannazuka And Watatsumi Island Unagi
Watatsumi Island is the best location to farm Unagi Meat Genshin Impact.

2. Narukami Island

Narukami Island also has a decent load of Unagi you can grab.

Narukami Island Unagi
Unagi Meat in Narukami Island is very limited.

3. Tsurumi Island

Once you see them, make sure to approach and grab them quickly before they disappear into the water.

Tsurumi Island Unagi
Small but pro tip, equip Sayu when you approach the creatures and they won't vanish.

4. Enkanomiya

For the unknown, Sayu's 2021 Birthday mail also gave players 10 Unagi Meat.

Uangi Enkanomiya
Unagi in Enkanomiya

Unagi Meat recipes

At the moment, there are two items you can make with Unagi Meat

1. Grilled Unagi Fillet

Players need Unagi Meat x3 and Sugar x1. Depending on the quality of the outcome, this dish will restore 20-24% of Max HP and a bonus of 900-1,500 HP to the selected character.

Unagi Chazuke
Grilled Unagi Fillet dish

2. Unagi Chazuke

For this recipe, you need Unagi Meat x 4, Rice x 3, Seagrass x 3, and Salt x 1.

The recipe for Unagi Chazuke can be collected from Shimura Kanbei in Inazuma for 4,500 Mora. Depending on the result, the dish can increase the team's Healing Bonus by 15%-20% for 300 seconds.

Do remember that like other foods, this dish does not have effects for other-world players in Co-Op mode.

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