Glistening amidst the landscape of Inazuma, Crystal Marrows first look quite like Amethyst Clumps. However, the new ore is different for the fact that you don’t have to break them in order to collect them.

This makes it easier to farm compared to other ores which you need a Claymore user to swing at them a few times.

Like its limited use at the time of writing, Genshin Impact Crystal Marrow locations are not everywhere to be found. Here’s a guide on where you can farm them and how to use them.

Crystal Marrow
How can you farm and where can you find Crystal Marrows in Genshin Impact? Here's a useful guide you may need.

Genshin Impact Crystal Marrow locations

Crystal Marrows in Genshin Impact tend to spawn near rocky terrain. Most locations where they can be found are in the center of Yashiori Island as well as the cliffs protruding from it. Besides, the west of Kujou Encampment also gathers quite a collection of this crystal-like material.

Take a look at Genshin Impact Crystal Marrow interactive map below.

1. Yashiori Island

Yashiori is the ideal spot to hunt Marrow. However, it is recommended that you finish the Orobashi's Legacy world quest to clear the bad weather in the region. This way, you will  avoid being struck by thunderstrikes or getting lost.

Yashiori Island Crystal Marrow
You can mostly find Crystal Marrows across Yashiori Island.

2. Kannazuka Island

Kannazuka is the remaining in the Genshin Impact Crystal Marrow locations at the moment. For easier navigation, players can use Ningguang’s passive talent: Trove of Marvelous Treasures. It lets you see the nearby ores on your minimap.

Kannazuka Island Crystal Marrow
Apparently, Crystal Marrows only spawn in two regions in Inazuma.

Same as other in-game ores such as White Iron Chunks or Starsilvers, Crystal Marrow respawn time is about 2 real-world days. As there is no other way to create this item yet, you need to wait a bit for its refreshment.

You are primarily using it for just one thing, though, so there seems no great demand for huge batches of it at first.

Genshin Impact Crystal Marrow uses

At the time of writing, Crystal Marrow is mainly used for character ascensions. Those who want to level Aloy or Sayu up will want to farm this ore. It will take 168 Crystal Marrows for this character to reach Ascension level 6.

Sayu and Aloy are the only characters that require Crystal Marrows for ascension at the moment.

In case you end up with a lot of Crystal Marrows, you can utilize it for another purpose. There are a number of quests in Inazuma that require at least a dozen of these pieces from the player.

Talk to NPC Chouji in Jakotsu Mine to begin his quest chain. Then, just follow him until later and unlock one of the secret achievements in Inazuma.

It is a safe bet that the developers will release more characters whose ascensions require this material. Therefore, it is best that you gather as many as possible until then.

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