Xingqiu is a 4 star Hydro Sword character in Genshin Impact. His best skill is his Elemental Burst that constantly applies Hydro for other characters to trigger reactions. This combo super well with Pyro characters for Vaporize, which is one of the most damaging reactions in the game. Most of Xingqiu's damage comes from his Burst.

In this article, is going to showcase the best Xingqiu team comps to maximize his support capability.

Xingqiu is the best Hydro support of the game.


1. High-End Xingqiu Team Comps

Overall, Xingqiu would be the team's support/enabler in most situations. If players invested in his skill, gears and constellations, Xingqiu can also be a decent sub/burst DPS with his burst.

Xingqiu + Hu Tao Vaporize Team

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Hu Tao Main DPS Crimson Witch of Flames (4) Any
Xingqiu Sub DPS/Support Noblesse Oblige (2) + Heart of Depth (2) C6 (if possible)
Bennett Sub DPS/Support Noblesse Oblige (4) C6 (if possible)
Zhongli Sub DPS/Support Tenacity of the Millelith (4) Any

As Hu Tao's charge attack does not have a cooldown, it can be launched repeatedly. Amongst Hydro skills, only Xingqiu's rain sword attack can apply Hydro to keep up with that. Furthermore, his damage reduction and small healing increments are absolutely welcome, as you only need a bit of healing to keep your HP just below 50%.

Hu Tao
Hu Tao and Xingqiu is one of the best combos you can have in Genshin.

Meanwhile, Zhongli is probably the best protection that a Hu Tao user can have. He provides a sturdy shield that prevents her from getting one-shotted or combo killed by the mobs. The fact that Zhongli also has a bit of damage is also a good bonus.

Bennett provides Hu Tao with Pyro Resonance, heal and ATK boost. He also has decent burst damage ability.

Xingqiu + Ayaka Freeze Team

Character Role Artifact Set Constellation Level
Ayaka Main DPS Blizzard Strayer (2) + Noblesse Oblige (2) Any
Xingqiu Enabler Noblesse Oblige (4) C6 (if possible)
Venti Support Viridescent Venerer (4) Any
Diona Support Maiden Beloved (4) C6 (if possible)

Ayaka is the main DPS of this team, whose job is to permanently freeze enemies with Hydro application from Xingqiu. Diona supports Ayaka by providing her with Cryo resonance, energy recharge, and shield. Ayaka can be replaced with Ganyu, who can combo with Xingqiu just as well.

Genshin Impact Ayaka Best Build
Ayaka is perfect to create a Freeze team comp.

Venti is the crowd control character in this team comp. His job is to group enemies up with his skills for Ayaka to safely deal damage. He can be replaced with Kazuha for an extra elemental damage boost.

2. Mid-Tier Xingqiu Team Comps

Xingqiu Electro-Charged team

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Raiden Shogun Main DPS Thundering Fury (4) Any
Kujou Sara Support/Sub DPS Emblem of Severed Fate (4) C6 (if possible)
Bennett Support/Sub DPS Noblesse Oblige (4) C6 (if possible)
Xingqiu Support/Sub DPS Noblesse Oblige (2) + Heart of Depth (2) C5 (if possible)

This team focuses on a core Raiden Shogun, with her Electro burst damage maximized with the help of Kujou Sara. Raiden Shogun can boost Energy Recharge of their teammates by using Elemental Burst, and also increase the DMG of teammates’ Elemental Burst by using Elemental Skill.

Genshin Impact Baal Build Raiden Shogun
Raiden can go with a lot of characters, including Xingqiu.

Xingqiu is the hydro enabler of the team, triggering Electro charged with Kujou Sara and Raiden. Bennett is the last all-solution support, whose job is to heal and boost damage for the team.

Xingqiu + Xiangling Vaporize Team

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Xingqiu Main DPS Heart Of Depth (2) + Viridescent Venerer (2) C6 (if possible)
Xiangling Main DPS Emblem of Severed Fate (4) C6 (if possible)
Sucrose Sub DPS/Support Viridescent Venerer (4) C6 (if possible)
Bennett Sub DPS/Support Noblesse Oblige (4) C5 (if possible)

This is a f2p friendly lineup, with all characters being 4 stars. Xingqiu and Xiangling are the core of this team, with the former applying Hydro constantly so that the latter can trigger big Vaporize explosions.

Genshin Impact Xiangling
Xiangling is probably the best 4 star Pyro DPS in Genshin.

Sucrose is the crowd control unit in the team, grouping enemies up together and providing elemental DMG boost for even bigger Vaporize damage. Bennett is the last generic support whose role is to heal and boost damage when needed. He also provides the team with Pyro resonance.

3. F2P Xingqiu Team Comp

This lineup is designed for complete f2p and new players who want to build around Xingqiu being the main Support.

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Xingqiu Main DPS Any Any
Xiangling Main DPS Any Any
Kaeya Support Any Any
Barbara Healing Any Any

Xingqiu and Xiangling would be the main DPS combo in this team comp. The former spread Hydro with his burst so that the latter can trigger vaporize to deal damage. Barbara is the main healer of the team, with her healing enhanced by Xingqiu's Hydro resonance.

Kaeya spread Cryo with the help of Xingqiu, triggering Freeze. This delays enemies and allow Xiangling to trigger Melt.

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