Damaged Stone Slates are the main Quest Items for the ongoing world quest Bunkoku Enigma in Genshin Impact. Players can engage in this quest in the Three Realms Offering Gateway event until March 30, 2022.

Along with the current Yae Miko banner, you can use this event as a way to accumulate your Primogems and pull for your favorite character, be it now or later.

After beginning this quest with Yabe in the Dainichi Mikoshi, the player will be given the first Damaged Stone Slate. The remaining Damaged Stone Slate Genshin Impact can be found in these three locations.

West - The Narrows (West)

You can find three Damaged Stone Slates in the library in the west of the Dainichi Mikoshi. In order to head there, just visit the circled area in the image below.

The Narrows Damamged Stone Slate
The first Damaged Stone Slate Genshin Impact location is in west Dainichi Mikoshi.

As you encounter a locked Electro Monument puzzle, solve it to reveal an entrance to the library.

In this place, you can find three Damaged Stone Slates, two of which are on the first floor’s opposite corners while one lies on the second floor.

Damaged Stone Slate The Narrows
Pay attention to both floors.

East - Evernight Temple

Head to the area circled in the image above, in the east of the Dainichi Mikoshi. You'll find two Damaged Stone Slates underground. To unlock the underground passage, you need to complete two Guiding Light Mirror puzzles:

The second Damaged Stone Slate location is in the east of the Dainichi Mikoshi. Two slates can be found underground and to unlock this passage, you have to complete two Guiding Light Mirror puzzles.

Solve two puzzles before getting access to these slates.

1. Aboveground Guiding Light Mirror puzzle

Assuming the glowing mechanism is behind the player and the puzzle is in the original state, follow these steps for solution:

  • Apply Pyro to Mirror #1.
  • Apply Pyro to Mirror #3.
  • Activate the Bokuso Box next to the glowing mechanism.
Aboveground Puzzle
You get an Exquisite Chest after this part.

The first part is completed as the light guides to the floating stone in the front. You may proceed with the second part by doing these steps:

  • Rotate Mirror #4 three times.
  • Apply Cryo to Mirror #3.
  • Activate the Bokuso Box next to the glowing mechanism.

You'll be rewarded with a Precious Chest as the puzzle is completed.

2. Underground Guiding Light Mirro puzzle

Before touching the puzzle, you can solve it with the steps below in any order.

Look at the photo below for the labels of the Mirrors:

  • Apply Cryo to Mirror #1.
  • Apply Cryo to Mirror #3.
  • Rotate Mirror #3 once.
  • Rotate Mirror #4 once. (You can find this behind the pillar)
  • Apply Cryo to Mirror #5.
Underground Puzzle
After the puzzles are completed, players can unlock a room that contains two Damaged Stone Slats.

While one Damaged Stone Slate is in the water on the altar’s left side, the other stays behind a Common Chest, make sure you loot it before accessing the Stone Slate.

South - The Serpent's Heart

Arrive at the circled area as below in Dainichi Mikoshi’s south. As no puzzle is involved in this part, all you need to do is follow the quest marker guide.

Once you get to the area, jump down into the underground ruin.

The Serpents Heart
As you are at the area, jump down the ruin underground.

Two Damaged Stone Slates can be seen laying on the opposite ends of the room. As you will not see them immediately considering they lie flat, approach the structures in the room to find them.

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