When starting the game, you might not be sure which characters to bring along, or which characters to roll for. Even if you happen to have a variety of characters at your disposal, you might wonder which ones to invest in first. Here are ten characters that are absolutely essential for beginners to focus on using.

1. Bennett

Bennett is easily the best support character in the game. The guy is so good that people thought miHoYo might have made him a 4 star by mistake. With his elemental burst, Bennett can literally keep the whole team alive... while giving a huge ATK boost to the DPS characters.

Bennett can provide a solid boost to both HP and ATK.

He is also a good Pyro applicator with a fairly low cooldown elemental skill. If you are looking for a solid support/sub DPS unit, Bennett is probably the top choice in pretty much all team comps.

2. Fischl

Fischl is a 4 star Electro Bow character in Genshin Impact. She is an excellent sub DPS and off-field damage dealer/enabler, with both her skill and burst to stay on the field after swapping. Furthermore, she also provides a lot of Electro particles, giving a large amount of energy to teammates.

Fischl Genshin Impact
Fischl has the ability to constantly apply Electro while staying off-field.

3. Xingqiu

Despite being a 4 star character, Xingqiu is considered the best sword user in Genshin Impact. He is the most consistent Hydro support/sub DPS in the game, who can apply Hydro for highly damaging elemental reactions like Vaporize.

Furthermore, he can continuously heal and reduce damage taken while being off field. Pyro reactions are currently the best DPS tool in the game, and that's why Xingqiu is the best character on this list. He also gets much more powerful at higher constellations, with two power spikes at 2 and 6. The best sword for Xingqiu is the Sacrificial Sword or Skyward Blade.

Xingqiu is the best sword user in Genshin Impact, who can both support and deal damage while being off field.

4. Xiangling

Xiangling is one of the strongest and most flexible Sub DPS characters in the game. She has high ATK Speed, high AoE Burst damage with a strong Pyro application that persists even after switching out. There's a reason fans called her "the Pyro Archon" - she performs better than a lot of 5-star characters.

C4 Xiangling is actually SS tier, with her Burst lasting 40% longer.

Xiangling is an amazing burst support.

5. Noelle

Genshin Impact is not a hard game, and because of that, jack of all trades like Noelle do not have the chance to shine that much. Despite the fact that Noelle can do almost everything from shielding to healing and damage, she's just average even with the best builds.

Furthermore, she only becomes viable as a main DPS after C6, and even then, good artifact sets are required. This is why Noelle is a bit low on this tier list. If you want to main Noelle then The Unforged is the way to go. It boosts Noelle's shielding ability and attacks at the same time.

Noelle needs a lot of investments to become effective.

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