Yae Miko's banner will expire after March 8th, 2022. A lot of players are still confusing whether they should pull her or save Primogems for the Rerun banner of the Raiden Shogun right after Yae's banner. Let's compare them in some aspects and make your choice.

#1. Weapons

Yae Miko and Baal use different types of weapons. Baal is a more F2P character whose power does not rely on the weapon. Even when you don't use the signature Engulfing Lightning polearm for her, the Raiden Shogun is still good and strong enough to play as a DPS fighter.

Yae Miko
Yae Miko needs an expensive weapon.

You can go fishing and collect enough require fish to exchange for The Catch for free if you can't obtain her signature weapon. Baal is also better with both high physical and elemental damage.

Meanwhile, Yae Miko is better for the sub-DPS role because her elemental damage overwhelms her physical damage. Besides, all her best weapons are not free to obtain. You need to pull them in the weapon banners.

Electro Archon Raiden Shogun
Raiden Shogun is a F2P DPS.

#2. Artifacts

The Raiden Shogun is not a new character. She was introduced in the same update with Inazuma. So, this character has already had her signature artifact set of Emblem of Severed Fate. But the new character Yae Miko does not have her own artifact set now. You might have to wait for her signature artifact to be released in a future update.

#3. Playstyle

Though they both have the Electro Vision, their playstyles are also not the same. While Baal is more suitable for close combat, Yae Miko is more likely an off-field DPS character.

Baal And Yae Miko
They have different play styles.

Most of the time, Yae's Fox Turrets deal most of the damage to enemies while she moves around the battlefield. She only enters the battlefield when she uses the Elemental Burst.

When you use the Raiden Shogun as a DPS character, she mostly remains on-field. Baal uses the polearm to fight off enemies in close-range combat.

But it's more difficult for Baal to dodge melee attacks of the opponent, especially big bosses like the spinning attack of the Ruin Guards. Therefore, you need to boost her health and her DEF stats.

#4. Main Roles

The new character can play as an elemental DPS. But you should use her as the sub-DPS character to support an Electro, Cryo, or Pyro DPS. When her Elemental skill continuously makes enemies get electrified, the DPS can release their elemental bursts to deal higher elemental damage with reactions and resonance.

Raiden Shogun With Yae Miko
Yae Miko and Baal take different roles.

If you have got the Raiden Shogun from her first run, you can pull Yae and use her as Baal's supporter. If you haven't got Baal, you should save Primogems to pull her in the upcoming banner. Baal is a powerful and reliable DPS character.

Moreover, as being one of three released archon characters, the Raiden Shogun has really insane power without the signature weapon or constellation activation. It's very easy to build the Raiden Shogun and have a strong fighter in your team.

In short, the Raiden Shogun should be the prior choice if you haven't got both. But if you love Yae Miko and need an Electro sub-DPS for the Hu Tao team, use your Fates and Primogems now before her banner is over.

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