The Teapot world has added many new devices and features to make it more beautiful and convenient. Genshin Impact Rhythmic Sprinter is a leisure device in Serenitea Pot. Check out how to get and use it here.

#1. How To Use Rhythmic Sprinter

A lot of Genshin Impact players haven't known how to use the new device Rhythmic Sprinter or what the effect and use of the device are. You can use this device to create a maze or time challenge in this world like the time challenges in the open world.

Have Fun With Friends
Have fun with friends in the Serenitea Pot.

You can also make your own gliding challenge when the Anemo Rings are added to the Serenitea Pot. When you complete building the maze, you place the Destination Ring of the Rhythmic Sprinter at the desired ending spot. Then, place the mainboard at the starting point of the race route.

You can join in the race with three other players at a maximum. All the participants will gather at the starting point and run towards the Destination Ring. The winner must be the one who reaches the Ring first.

Rhythmic Sprinter
Create an interesting time challenge for visitors in your Realm.
  • Create A Rhythmic Sprinter Maze

The Rhythmic Sprinter is mostly used in making the maze in Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot. To make the maze, you should use and arrange walls that you cannot climb so that you won't be able to climb the wall and spot the Destination Ring. Place those walls to make hidden and secret routes.

Don't make a straight passage to the ending spot. You should increase the difficulty of the challenge by making the passages lead to brand-new crossroads that contain many other routes. If you want to make the maze more challenging, hide the Destination Ring at the hidden spot that players can get to through only one passage while other routes lead to the wrong exit.

Hide The Destination Ring
Hide the Destination Ring in a hidden corner of the maze.

After completing the challenge creation, all players need to stand near the mainboard at the entrance of the maze or the starting point of the race. Then, interact with the board and choose to start the game. You can also check the record of other players when they visit your Teapot Realm and complete the challenge.

#2. How To Get Rhythmic Sprinter Device

The Rhythmic Sprinter device is available to obtain from the Depot of Tubby in the Serenitea Pot now. After entering your Teapot Realm, go to see him in front of your main mansion to buy it. This device costs you 300 Realm Currencies.

Check Out Other Records
Check out other records when they take your challenge.

After purchasing, you will have this device in your inventory. Then, use it in the Build Mode by tapping the hand button on the top toolbar. Go to the Outdoor Furnishing section in this mode and locate the device among your outdoor furnishing options.

The Rhythmic Sprinter is an amazing device that brings open-world time challenges to your Serenitea Pot. You can build a maze and have fun games with your friends on this playground. You can also decorate your playground with trees and flowers to make it look better, or change the music in Serenitea Pot after update 2.4.

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