Genshin Impact materials range from food recipes, talents’, weapons to characters’ ascension kinds. Players need to stroll around the open world to gather these in case they want to upgrade any factor they want to invest in.

Wolfhook Genshin Impact is one of these components. You can see them ooze glittering effect where they spawn like any other collectible things in the game. According to the game's description, a wolfhook is:

"A berry with thorns that often gets attached to a wolf's pelt. When you look at it, you can almost hear the echoing cries of the wolves in the woods."

Here’s where to find Wolfhook, how to farm it, and what the plant is currently used for.

Wolfhook Location
Wolfhook is one of Genshin Impact materials all players need in their game.

Wolfhook Location Genshin Impact

Unlike other fauna and crafting materials such as Sweet Flowers or White Iron Chunks, you can only Wolfhook in a certain area in the northern part of Mondstadt. While this makes it quite effortless to harvest the fruits, it can be irritating at the same time considering their rarity.

If you want to collect Wolfhook Genshin Impact, arrive in Wolvendom where you usually fight the Andrius, the Dominator of Wolves. This location can easily be spotted on the banks of Cider Lake.

Besides, Wolvendom is accessible since the very beginning of the game. That means harvesting Wolfhook right away won’t be impossible.

Wolfhook interactive map shows you the only region where you can find this fruit - Wolvendom.

The best Wolfhook farming route you can take into account is:

  • Start your route at the rightmost Waypoint teleporter of Wolvendom, near Cider Lake
  • Make the way south towards the Lupus Boreas arena
  • Wander around the area to collect these shining materials at once (33 Wolfhooks)

Hilichurls will be unavoidable in Wolvendom, so be prepared to wipe them out as soon as possible.

As Wolfhook respawn time is 2-3 days in the real world, make sure you come back to the spot to stock them up.

Useful tips: There are specific characters who can help you get this fruit faster. These Mondstadt local specialty markers are Klee and Mika. Their farming passive lets them display the location of nearby resources that are exclusive to Mondstadt on the mini-map.

Can you buy Wolfhook Genshin Impact?

In order to purchase Wolfhook in Genshin Impact, you need to meet Chloris, a merchant. Buying it from Chloris will save you time and effort.

You can buy Wolfhook from a wandering merchant in Genshin Impact, called Chloris. She is the older sister of Floral Whisper's owner, Flora.

Chloris Genshin
Players can also buy Wolfhook from a wandering merchant in Genshin Impact, named Chloris.

You can only find her from 6:00 to 19:00 and she also offers other important trades like Valberry, Philanemo Mushrooms, etc.

Each Wolfhook is sold for 1000 Mora. One stock is refreshed every 3 days and has 5 available Wolfhooks.

For now, this plant has yet been available to be planted in the Serenitea Pot like many other specialties. We need to wait for future updates to see if this possibility should happen.

Wolfhook uses

At the time of writing, Wolfhook is only used as the ascension material of Razor and Mika.

It takes 168 Wolfhooks for Razor to reach Ascension 6, so it’s best to farm them early. Even if you have not had him at the moment, there is always a chance you get this character along the way.

Razor Wolfhook
For those unversed, Wolfhook is the ascension material for Razor.

To fully ascend Mika and Razor, the player will need to stack up on 168 Wolfhook for each unit. And who knows if any other character will need this in the future? Make sure you have a lot of these in your inventory for fast equipping.

Currently, Wolfhook is also needed for an Archon quest called In The Name Of The Resistance in version 2.5.

Another activity you can use Wolfhook is to make Blue Dye. Combining Wolfhook and Mint will grant you the dyes for furnishing creation.

Last but not least, wolfhooks are always in need when the Spices from the West event occurs.

Wolfhook recipes in Genshin Impact

The only wolfhook recipe that is available in the game now is Fruits of the Festival - a kind of Wolfhook Juice.

Wolfhook Juice is a food item that the player can purchase from Charles in Angel's Share (located in the City of Mondstadt). You may get it for 1,500 Mora (max 2 per day). In case you have not known, Wolfhook Juice increases the party's attack by 114 for 300 seconds.

Like most foods, this has no effect on other players in Co-Op Mode. This effect only applies to the player's party.

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