Genshin Impact In The Name Of The Resistance is the archon quest of the Electro Archon - the Raiden Shogun. Many players haven't completed the quest yet. Check out this guide on how to do all objectives and make this quest done here.

Complete The Quest
Unlock and complete the quest.

I. In The Name Of The Resistance: How To Unlock?

You do the archon quest of Teyvat - In The Name Of The Resistance in Act II: Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow in Chapter II. It's the first time Travelers meet and do missions with the Raiden Shogun.

In The Name Of The Resistance Quest
You start the quest 'In The Name Of The Resistance' in Tatarasuna, Inazuma.

To unlock this quest, you need to complete the previous quest 'Amidst Stormy Judgment' first. Genshin Impact players will do this quest in Inazuma which is the nation of Baal. There is no AR requirement to unlock this quest. So, you can do it after opening Inazuma and unlocking Baal's archon quest.

II. In The Name Of The Resistance Walkthrough

After unlocking the archon quest, you go to the quest location in Tatarasuna to start doing the mission. Players can navigate the location of objectives to travel there faster without having to find the locations in the description.

Follow The Guide
Follow the guide and complete the quest objectives in different places around Inazuma.

Follow these steps to do all the quest objectives and complete the whole quest.

  • Collect the intel at Tatarasuna.
  • Explore and get to the front line quickly.
  • Rescue the surrounded resistance soldier.
  • Complete the dialogue with members of the resistance.
  • Go to meet the general Gorou of the resistance force in Fort Fujitou.
  • Follow Teppei and give the wounded resistance soldiers a hand.
  • Give them Wolfhook or Onikabuto to use as medicine.
  • Help resistance soldiers with Teppei and demonstrate to them the archery techniques.
Defeat Enemies
You need to defeat many dangerous enemies during the quest.
  • Defeat the Shogunate Army squad who are trying to sneak and attack you. The squad includes some Shogunate Samurai.
  • Find and pick up a Plank and Rope nearby to mend the wall around the encampment.
  • Go back to Gorou and report to him the situation.
  • Head to the front lines in Nazuchi Beach.
  • Win 3 rounds of combat and fight off Shogunate forces.

After reporting the quest result to the quest giver, you will receive the quest rewards and unlock the next quest in this series. This archon quest also unveils a part of the story of the Raiden Shogun.

In The Name Of The Resistance Quest Guide
'In The Name Of The Resistance' is a long archon quest in the series of 'Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow'.

III. Wolfhook or Onikabuto?

In this quest, players need to give Wolfhook or Onikabuto to the resistance force. They need these materials to use as medicine. These materials have different effects on injured soldiers. Learn about these two materials here.

  • Wolfhook

Wolfhook is a local berry in Mondstadt. It has a dark purple color and five hooks. If you choose to give this fruit to the NPC, you need to come back to Mondstadt to buy or pick it up in the wild. When using Wolfhooks, all injured soldiers of the resistance force winced.

You can collect a lot of Wolfhook in the wild of Mondstadt.
  • Onikabuto

Onikabuto is a purple beetle living in Inazuma. This insect often clings to trees and cliffs all around this nation, especially in Mikage Furnace and Mt. Yougou. If the injured soldiers use Onikabuto to treat their wounds, their pains will be relieved.

Therefore, you should give them the Onikabuto. It's pretty easy to collect these beetles when roaming around this country. You don't need to teleport back to Mondstadt to collect Wolfhook.

Onikabuto often clings to trees and cliffs all around Inazuma.

IV. Rewards For The Quest

Like every archon quest in Genshin Impact, In The Name Of The Resistance also grant players a lot of attractive rewards. Check out all the earnings you get from this job in Genshin Impact.

  • Adventure Rank EXP x1,125;
  • Mora x53,900;
  • Primogems x30;
  • Memory of Violet Flash x1;
  • Enhancement Mystic Ores x10;
  • Hero Wit x5.

The Memory of Violet Flash is the most valuable reward from this quest. Genshin Impact players need this Constellation Activation Material to activate the constellation spots of their Electro Travelers. Therefore, you need to unlock and complete this archon quest to obtain this essential material.

Collect Rewards
You can get a lot of rewards after completing this archon quest.

Those are all about Genshin Impact In The Name Of The Resistance archon quest. You need to do this quest to complete the whole story quest of the Raiden Shogun and obtain attractive rewards.

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