Three Realms Gateway Offering is an anticipated Genshin Impact event introduced in update 2.5. It commenced after the maintenance update reached an end and will last until update 2.6 started.

With this, you will enter a new map called the Three Realms Gateway Offering. Though it is temporary, its geographical design is simila to Enkanomiya and players must complete the event quest to get rewards.

Here’s a guide to help you obtain every reward in this event.

Three Realms Gateway Offering Map
Follow these steps tp collect all rewards in the new event in Genshin Impact.

How to get rewards in Genshin Impact Three Realms Gateway Offering

Players can get the event quest started in Watatsumi Island where Kokomi requested the Traveler to help with specific matters. As you follow the navigation to a new map, you can explore the region here, best recommended using the Bokuso Box gadget.

With the help of this gadget, the corrosion here will not affect your characters much.

Start Quest
Players will talk to Sangonomiya Kokomi before they get the event quest started.

1. Open Treasure Chests

There are 125 treasure chests scattered around the Three Realms Gateway Offering you can collect. Each will grant a slew of Primogems and other rewards.

You have to get at least 90 chests here to receive Primogems on the event page.

As this is a limited map like the Golden Apple Archipelago, all treasures chests are temporary and will be removed when version 2.6 arrives.

Three Realms Chest
Make sure to open all treasure chests across the new map to get rewards and materials for other quests.

Opening chest will also provide you with Light Realm Sigils required for the following method.

2. Level Bokuso Box Up

Bokuso Box is a gadget offered by Tsumi in the Three Realms Gateway Offering: The Eve quest. You need this item to help you explore the corroded area, outlast opponents, and unlock mechanisms as well as treasure chests.

Players may offer the Light Realm Sigils from previous treasure chests to the Serpent’s Heart Statue and upgrade the Bokuso Box. With higher levels, it has more strength to handle corrosion and unlock diverse abilities.

Bokuso Box
Upgrading the Bokuso Box to level 12 will ease the corrosion quite considerably.

After upgrading the Bokuso Box to lv. 12, you may. Get 90 Primogems from Exploration Objectives’ three parts.

3. Cleanse Towers of the Void

The last but not least method to get rewards in Three Realms Gateway Offering is completing every part of the event quest.

You will not just obtain rewards from the quest itself but also the many objectives from the Exploration Objectives will be completed indirectly, hence giving you precious items.

A number of the objectives are defeating Shadowy Husks, collecting Aphotium Ore and Tokyo Legumes.

Cleanse Towers Of The Void
Cleansing Towers of the Void will be the last step in helping you every reward in this quest event.

While exploring the region may take a while to complete, luckily, you have a lot of time to finish it as Genshin Impact 2.5 barely started.

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