Genshin Impact Diona is a feline Bow wielder who holds the Cryo element. Her kit is ideal for the support role in your roster. As if that is not enough, she can even provide strong shields and heal her fellow members.

As she has returned with the release of Yae Miko, here’s how to play Diona Genshin Impact the most smartly.

How can you play Diona with the best tactics?

1. Decrease consumption, increase speed

Unlocked at Ascension 1, her Cat’s Tail Secret Menu passive talent can increase the character’s Movement SPD by 10% and decrease stamina consumption by 10% if they are shielded by her Icy Paws.

With this, you will have extra stamina to sprint and dodge different attacks.

Diona Icy Paws
Her Icy Paws are very powerful.

2. Cleanse debuff

Effects in some domains and Spiral Abyss can debuff your characters, such as Slowing Water, Corrosion, Engulfing Storm, Smoldering Flames, Condensed Ice.

Using Diona’ Elemental Skill in these situations will remove the debuff and its annoying effects. However, she will a Cryo effect after this and can be hit with Elemental Reactions.

Debuff Cleanse
Diona can cleanse negative effects in combat.

3. Hold Elemental Skill for projectiles

This is also a strategy in how to play Diona Genshin Impact. Like some in-game characters, Diona also has two modes for her Elemental Skill. While the Press mode offers 2 projectiles, the Hold Mode launches 5 projectiles while you dash backward.

Prioritize the Hold mode to deal more damage!

how to play Diona Genshin
Hold the skill for more damages.

4. Upgrade to 2nd Constellation for best Shields

Constellation 2 for Diona is a good stopping point. As she is a 4-star character, getting her constellations won’t be hard.

“Shaken, Not Purred” is the little bartender’s 2nd Constellation. It will boost her Shield DMG Absorption and Elemental Skill Damage by 15%.

Aside from that, her projectiles will create a shield for allies nearby with 50% strength for 5 seconds, when the attacks hit enemies. This is very useful in Co-op.

Diona Constellation 2
How to play Diona Genshin? Get her to C2!

5. Don’t forget Cryo Resonance

When building a party in Genshin Impact, it’s important to use Elemental Resonance. Having at least 2 characters of the same element will trigger Elemental Resonance and grants a great buff to the whole.

If you have Eula, Ganyu, or Ayaka, equipping Diona will offer the characters a bonus of 15% CRIT Rate. Besides, Diona can be a battery to generate Energy Particles for CRYP DPS and increase their Burst uptime.

With 4 characters of the same element, you can even unlock one of the many secret achievements, called the Fantastic Four.

Cryo Resonance
Cryo resonance can freeze any enemy for a considerable time.

6. Focus on HP

When it comes to how to play Diona, you must focus on her weapon, artifacts, and other aspects, especially HP. The amount of damage absorbed by her shield relies on the Max HP.

Use the best artifacts on her as her base amount is quite low.

7. Use Elemental Burst combo

Diona’s Signature Mix burst will create Drunken Mist and AoE Cryo Damage. The Drunken Mist can deal constant AoE Cryo Damage and regenerate the in-radius characters’ HP.

This formidable Elemental Burst is great for crafting Elemental Reactions as well as healing the main DPS in case they have low HP. If you have a C6 Diona, the Healing Bonus can be increased by 30% when your characters are less than 50% on health.

If the character is above 50% HP, the Elemental Mastery is buffed by 200.

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