Genshin Impact Everlasting Moonglow is a 5-star catalyst. Many players have obtained it but haven't known how to use this catalyst properly. Check out the power of this weapon and how to use Everlasting Moonglow efficiently.

Everlasting Moonglow
Learn how to get and use Everlasting Moonglow catalyst effectively.

I. Everlasting Moonglow Details

Everlasting Moonglow is a 5-star catalyst with a high HP buff. Its base damage is not as high as that of 5-star swords and claymores. But its second stat makes Everlasting Moonglow a perfect weapon for healers in Genshin Impact.

  • Base damage: 46 - 608;
  • HP buff: 10.8% - 49.6%.

You need to ascend and enhance it to the maximum level to maximize its base damage and secondary stat. But Genshin Impact Everlasting Moonglow materials are pretty hard to collect. They are only available to collect in Inazuma.

Materials Amounts How To Get It?
Branches of a Distant Sea
  • Coral Branch of a Distant Sea x5;
  • Jeweled Branch of a Distant Sea x14;
  • Jade Branch of a Distant Sea x14;
  • Golden Branch of a Distant Sea x6.
  • Court of Flowing Sand domain on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.
  • Crafting.
Prism Series
  • Dismal Prism x23;
  • Crystal Prism x27;
  • Polarizing Prism x41.
  • Defeat Mirror Maidens;
  • Crafting.
The Series of Spectral drops
  • Spectral Husk x15;
  • Spectral Heart x23;
  • Spectral Nucleus x27.
  • Defeat Specters;
  • Alchemy.

Besides, you need 225,000 Mora for full ascension. After each ascension phase, you use lower-rated weapons or ores to enhance this catalyst. The fully-ascended Everlasting Moonglow has a more stunning appearance.

You Need To Defeat Specters
You need to defeat many monsters in Inazuma to get ascension materials for Everlasting Moonglow.

II. Best Characters To Use Everlasting Moonglow

You need to give Everlasting Moonglow to proper characters. Its power will be utilized efficiently in the hand of the right character. It's one of the best weapons for healers in Genshin Impact with a huge HP buff. Barbara and Kokomi are the two best catalyst users for Everlasting Moonglow.

  • Genshin Impact Everlasting Moonglow Barbara

Barbara is one of the best Hydro healers in Genshin Impact. Both her Elemental skill and burst have healing effects. While Barbara's elemental skill heals the HP for chosen characters in your team, her elemental burst can heal for the whole team.

Moreover, you can get this 4-star character for free. She is available to obtain from the Baptism of Song event. When you use the decent catalyst 'Everlasting Moonglow' for her, Barbara will be a powerful healer and a good Hydro supporter.

Everlasting Moonglow Barbara
Barbara is one of the best healers in Genshin Impact with both elemental skill and burst.
  • Sangonomiya Kokomi

Kokomi is also a Hydro supporter. She is a 5-star character. You can only obtain this character from Drifting Luminescence banners. She will return to the game in the upcoming Rerun banner with the Raiden Shogun.

Sangonomiya Kokomi can heal for her and all teammates with both the elemental skill and burst. Moreover, she can create a wet condition for Cryo, Electro, and Pyro DPS fighters to react with her Hydro element and deal more damage with powerful elemental reactions.

Everlasting Moonglow Kokomi
Sangonomiya Kokomi will become a better healer with the huge HP buff of Everlasting Moonglow.

You can also give this catalyst to other characters who need HP buff, such as Yanfei. If you haven't got the signature weapon for Yanfei, use the Everlasting Moonglow for this 4-star character.

III. How To Obtain Everlasting Moonglow

Genshin Impact Everlasting Moonglow banner may also come back to the game with Kokomi's Rerun banner. If you want to obtain this 5-star catalyst for Barbara and Kokomi, you need to use Primogems or Intertwined Fates to pull for it.

Everlasting Moonglow Banner
You can only obtain the Everlasting Moonglow catalyst from its banner.

If you haven't obtained Kokomi to use this weapon, you can start to save Primogems to pull for her. There are many ways to earn and save Primogems in Genshin Impact 2.5.

  • Take part in Genshin Impact Divine Ingenuity event;
  • Complete the Three Realms Gateway Offering event;
  • Join in the Video Submission Contest;
  • Take part in Raiden Shogun Fan Art Contest;
  • Try to win Kokomi Fan Art Contest;
  • Participate in Version 2.5 Strategy Guides Contest;
  • Join and complete “Astute Amusement” Yae Miko Event;
  • Take part in 2.5 Twitch Livestream Recruit.

These in-game and web events will end within or after March. You can join and earn a lot of rewards, including tons of Primogems to pull Kokomi. Besides, players still have a small chance to obtain this 5-star catalyst from the banner of other weapons.

Genshin Impact Divine Ingenuity Event
Take part in Genshin Impact Divine Ingenuity and other events to earn Primogems.

Those are all details and best characters for Genshin Impact Everlasting Moonglow. Save Primogems for its banner and wait for it to return.

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