Genshin Impact Divine Ingenuity is a new event beginning on March 2, 2022. This fun and interesting mini-game allow players to create their custom dungeon. Check out how to unlock, play, and claim all rewards.

Divine Ingenuity
Learn how to play Divine Ingenuity in Genshin Impact and claim tons of attractive rewards.

I. Unlock Divine Ingenuity

The Divine Ingenuity Genshin release date is March 2nd, 2022. But not every player can join this event. To be eligible for the new Divine Ingenuity event, you need to reach Adventure Rank 28 and above. Then, you need to complete the archon quest 'A New Star Approaches'.

Then, you go to talk to Katheryne to start the game before teleporting to the domain in Tianqiu Valley and talk to the NPC Honglang. Follow him to enter the domain and continue to talk to this NPC. Try to get the Adventure Coin.

Unlock The Event
Talk to Katheryne to start the event and follow the navigation to find the location of the custom domain.

You need to place Thunder Sphere to make the line and fly to the top of the column and collect the Coin. Then, you also talk to Honglang to report the quest and start the game.

II. Play Divine Ingenuity

In the Divine Ingenuity game, Genshin Impact players can build domains. Here are all activities and features in Genshin Impact Divine Ingenuity you need to know.

#1. Preset Domains

You need to challenge Preset Domains every day. Five domain challenges require players to reach the destination within a time limit. During the run, you also collect coins and buffs, including Stamina recovery, Movement Speed, and Jump.

There are five domains with different environments and obstacles. Only one domain is unlocked a day. Here are five domain challenges from today to March 6th, 2022.

  • Faster, Faster!
  • Flying Down the Corridor
  • Look Out Below
  • The Exit's Up There
  • Fastest Fingers First
Play Divine Ingenuity
Create and play custom domains.

#2. Custom Domains

Custom domain is another interesting activity in Divine Ingenuity. You can create your domain challenge and share it publicly for online players to take challenges. Players can use Terrains, Mechanisms, Traps, and Blessings to place in their domain wot design easy or difficult challenges.

The hotkeys in the Custom Domain mode are pretty similar to those in the Serenitea Pot. Before publishing the domain, you need to test it first. Then, select proper tags for the domain, such as:

  • Low/Medium/High Difficulty;
  • Time Limit;
  • Destination;
  • Obstacle Course;
  • Tracking;
  • Maze;
  • Adventure Coin.

These domain tags will give players details about the domain challenges, such as types of challenges, level of difficulty, and objectives to collect. You can refresh domains to change the domain options to select.

Custom Your Domains
Design your domains and share them with online players to claim rewards and create more games. 

Bonus: Tips To Win Preset Domains In One Trial

Divine Ingenuity event Genshin Impact has five preset domains with increasing difficulty. The first preset domain 'Faster, Faster!' is the easiest challenge with a few traps while the last domain 'Fastest Fingers First' requires players many skills and smart tactics.

You need some smart tips and tricks to win Preset Domain in the first trial. Here are some tips you need to know.

  • Keep an eye on the number of hearts. Each time you fall into the trap, you lose one heart. You only have 10 hearts per trial, so you should avoid all traps and play carefully or you will lose the game after losing all your hearts.
  • Check out the requirement for rewards first, including the number of coins you need to collect. Then, you can count how many coins you need to find in the domain. The number of picked coins will be shown on the left of the screen. Try to find all coins.
  • Always glide up to have a large view over the room. There are many machines in the domain that help you glide upwards. Control your characters so that they reach the coin accurately.
  • Keep an eye on the timer.
Avoid All Traps
Avoid all traps and stay alive until you reach the destination point of the domain. 

III. Claim Divine Ingenuity Genshin Rewards

The Divine Ingenuity event gives players a lot of Primogems and Level-Up materials. Here are all rewards you can get from missions in this event.

  • Primogem x420;
  • Hero's Wit x19;
  • Mora x370,000;
  • Adventurer's Experience x4;
  • Sanctifying Unction x8;
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x30;
  • Talent Level-Up Materials: Guide to Prosperity x3, Guide to Diligence x3, and Guide to Gold x3.

You can earn a lot of Primogems to pull for Yae Miko or the Raiden Shogun. Besides, you will have the chance to test your proficiency in time running challenges and maze solutions.

Divine Ingenuity Rewards
Claim Divine Ingenuity rewards after completing missions.

Follow this Genshin Impact Divine Ingenuity guide to complete this event and claim all attractive rewards of Preset Domain and Custom Domain challenges.

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