Many players have obtained the new character Yae Miko but they still haven't known how to use her. Here are the best tips and tactics to play as Yare Miko in Genshin Impact.

#1. Yae Miko Works Best With Baal

Baal will return to the game in the next banner. If you have got Yae Miko, earn and save more Primogems to pull for the Electro archon. They are best friends and work better together. The Raiden Shogun's normal attack is stronger with Miko's elemental skills.

When you combine their bursts, it deals insane damage to drain enemies' health quickly. If you haven't got Baal as the main DPS now, use Fischl instead.

Yae Miko And Baal
Yae Miko and Baal work well together as main and sub-DPS. 

#2. Use Yae Miko As A Supporter

The best team role of Yae Miko is supporting. Don't use her as the main DPS, just use Miko as the sub-DPS due to her limited normal attacks. Her elemental skills and bursts are more powerful and useful for the sub-DPS role.

#3. Team Up With A Healer

Yae Miko's DEF is pretty poor. Therefore, you need a healer to keep Miko alive. Yae Miko will work well with Cryo, Hydro, and Pyro healers because their elements can react to deal huge damage. Qiqi, Barbara, and Xingqiu are nice choices for both defense and offense. Besides, you can use Noelle to get both healing effects and shield.

Yae And Qiqi
Yae Miko and Qiqi

#4. Use An Electro Character

You should have at least one Electro character in Yae Miko's team for a secondary charge. The primary Energy Recharge can be built by using artifacts and weapons. Choose the signature weapon to boost Energy Recharge to make Miko's bursts more powerful and deadly. You can let hẻ team up with the Electro Traveler, Baal, and Fischl.

#5. Equip Hakushin Ring

Hakushin Ring is the best 4-star weapon of Yae Miko. It gives this character a decent Energy recharge of 6-30% though it does not boost the CRIT Rate for her. Moreover, this 4-star weapon is easy to obtain than her signature 5-star catalyst.

If you want to boost the CRIT DMG for Yae Miko, you can use Kagura’s Verity or Widsith catalyst for her. A high CRIT Rate makes her elemental burst deal more damage to enemies. You should focus on building her elemental skills and bursts for better effects.

Yae House
Hakushin Ring boosts her skills.

#6. Fight From Off-Field

Once you obtain and complete building Yae Miko, bring her to the battlefield. After three times of elemental skills, her elemental burst is ready to try. During the CD time of her Elemental Skill, switch to other characters of your team and she still deal damage from off-field with her skills.

#7. Build The Constellation

C1 - Yakan Offering and C2 - Fox’s Mooncall are the two best Constellation parts of Yae Miko. These two constellations parts also focus on boosting her elemental skills and bursts. In specific:

  • Yakan Offering: After activating an elemental burst, she gets back eight Elemental Energy credits.
  • Fox’s Mooncall: The attack range of her elemental skills increase by 60 percent.

Besides, you need to upgrade her skills as well as her level. Use this character wisely and you will have a powerful Sub-DPS in your team.

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