Genshin Impact the Bunkoku Enigma is a challenging but interesting quest with a stone slate puzzle to solve. This puzzle is a big problem with many players that stop them from completing the quest. Check out this quest guide here.

I. The Bunkoku Enigma Quest Guide

The Bunkoku Enigma is a world quest in the Three Realms Gateway Offering event. The event will be live until March 30th, 2022. To unlock this quest, you need to reach Adventure Rank 30 and above. Besides, you need to complete the World Quest Three Realms Gateway Offering: The Eve to unlock the Bunkoku Enigma.

The Bunkoku Enigma Quest
Do The Bunkoku Enigma quest to claim valuable rewards.

After unlocking the Bunkoku Enigma quest, you go through and do all objectives and puzzles. Check out all the objectives of this world quest here.

  • Go to the campsite and talk to the quest giver Yabe.
  • Explore and find the clues that Yabe pointed out and pull down a lever on the wall.
  • Exit the room and climb up.
  • Talk to Yabe after the cutscene.
  • Go to all stone slates locations.
Mirror Puzzle
When finding the stone plates, you need to solve a mirror puzzle to open a hidden chamber.
  • Place the Stone Slates and arrange them in the right order to make a picture.
  • Activate the device, open the underground chamber, and enter it.
  • Get the final piece of the picture after talking to the NPC ghost.
  • Place the final piece in the puzzle.
  • Activate the mechanism and open the gate of the hole.
  • Enter it and defeat all enemies inside.
  • Talk to Koyanagi.
  • Talk to Yabe.

After reporting the quest to the Yabe, the quest giver will grant you all the quest rewards.

Talk To Yabe
Go to the central island and find Yabe to unlock the quest.

II. The Bunkoku Enigma Puzzle Guide

The hardest part of the Bunkoku Enigma quest is solving the puzzle of Stone Slates Genshin Impact. A lot of players still get stuck in this step, so they haven't completed the quest. Here are all locations of stone slates and the right order of them.

  • The Narrows

There are three damaged stone slates in the locked library room in the Narrows. You will find the first one on your right after entering the library. But two other stone stales are sealed. Players need to complete challenges to get them.

Stone Slate
Find three stone slates in the Narrows.
  • Evernight Temple

Evernight Temple is a famous location in Enkanomiya. This location has two damaged stone slates. You need to solve a mirror puzzle in this temple to get one stone slate behind treasure chests. Then, head left and collect another stone slate.

  • The Serpent's Heart

After collecting five stone slates in two previous locations, you should head to The Serpent's Heart to collect two more stone slates. From the teleport waypoint, just head north to the ruins. Glide down and find a pedestal with a stone slate there. Then, go right to find another one.

The Serpents Heart
There are two stone slates in The Serpent's Heart.

Besides, the first stone slate you got in this quest was given by Yabe when you talk to him. After collecting eight stone slates, you insert them into a 3x3 grid on the ground. Then, arrange them in the right order so that you get a picture. The central grid should be empty.

Here are the steps to move and arrange these stone slates.

  • The middle-left slate: move Up;
  • The bottom-left slate: move Up;
  • The bottom-middle one: move Left;
  • The bottom-right one: move Left;
  • The middle-right one: move Down;
  • The middle one: move Right.

If you move these slates incorrectly, interact with the device to reset them. After the last stone slate moves to its right position, the lines on these slates will light up. Then, you activate the machine to open the gate to the hole.

Move Stone Slates
Move these stone slates in the right order and the correct direction to solve the puzzle.

III. The Bunkoku Enigma Rewards

After completing the puzzle, you will enter the hole and collect the last stone stale to complete the Bunkoku Enigma quest. This world quest is a part of the current Three Realms Gateway Offering event. This quest grants you many valuable rewards, including:

  • 40 Primogems;
  • 30000 Mora;
  • 3 Hero's Wits
  • 40 Light Realm Sigils.

With this marvelous amount of the Light Realm Sigils, you can offer to a higher level at the Statue of the Vassals of Watatsumi to claim attractive rewards. Besides, earn more Primogems to pull the new character Yae Miko or save these currencies for upcoming characters, such as Baal, Kokomi, Ayato, Venti, and Kazuha.

Those are all about Genshin Impact the Bunkoku Enigma walkthrough and the stone slate puzzle. Don't miss this chance to earn more Primogems and valuable rewards.

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