The Cake for Traveler Genshin Impact is a rare and precious Birthday reward for players. This item does not just bring joy but even has some benefits for you like most resources in the gameplay.

Here’s a full guide on how to use Cake for Traveler Genshin Impact, how to get it, and some interesting facts regarding your special day.

Genshin Player Birthday
What is Cake for Traveler Genshin Impact use and how can you get it?

I - What is Cake for Traveler Genshin Impact?

With each Birthday Cake for Traveler, its description is,

“A gift given to a very special someone on a very special day. Here’s to you, the brightest star in the night sky. Wishing you a joyous journey in this great big world.”

How sweet! And for the unknown, there are two types of Cakes for Traveler at the moment.

1. Year 1 Birthday Cake

Accounts made during Genshin Impact’s release until the 1st anniversary and had birthdays between this duration got the Year 1 version for the Traveler cake.

Year 1 Cake For Traveler
Year 1 Cake for players who joined the game prior to the 1st Anniversary.

2. Year 2 Birthday Cake

The latest Cake for Traveler Genshin Impact is given to any account made after the game’s first anniversary and those who have birthdays at any time after.

Cake For Traveler Genshin 11ef_wm
Newest Cake for Traveler after the first anniversary.

II - What does Cake for Traveler do in Genshin Impact?

As aforementioned, this cake is not solely a decorating gift. A Cake for Traveler will gain you a Fragile Resin after you go to the Inventory and use it.

If you are wondering how to use Cake for Traveler Genshin Impact, make sure you have claimed it from your email box once your birthday has arrived.

As you choose to use the item, its description will change as you obtain a Fragile Resin. Each Fragile Resin can restore 60 Original Resin which you can use to get rewards from Leyline Blossoms, Abyssal Domains, and several Bosses.

Cake For Traveler Use
Fragile Resin and a copy of the birthday cake are what you get from consuming the Cake.

After consuming the cake, you will be left with the replica version of it. Players can opt to not use the cake if they do not want to, but as Fragile Resin is a useful item for farming materials, don’t be hesitated to use it as soon as possible.

III - How to set your birthday in Genshin Impact

In case you want to shorten the time to obtain this very special Traveler cake, you can change your birthday in the game. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the Paimon menu, aka the Pause menu.
  • Click the icon next to the character’s name.
  • Select “Edit Birthday”.
  • In the pop-up, all you need to do is add the day and month of birthday that you want.
Change Birthday
Change your birthday in the game to receive this unique gift.

Note: Each player can only change their birthday once, so make sure the date is accurate before saving.

Players who have not created a Genshin Impact account but have their birthdays pass this year should know that it’s no harm to use a fake birthday when registering. As long as you meet legal requirements for age, cheating a bit is still permitted.

Also, the Cake for Traveler Genshin Impact use does not include giving any free Primogems. You can just set the in-game birthday to the latest date and wait until the gift arrives in the mailbox.

III - Genshin Impact character birthday wishes

Below are the most frequently asked questions about Cake for Traveler as well as other features HoYoverse offers its players on their special day.

1. Do Genshin characters say Happy Birthday?

This is a feature that not all players may have known. Aside from your birthday cake, the game also unlocks birthday wishes from all characters you have in your collection.

You can find these messages in the Voice-Over profile of each character. As you click on these messages, you can hear their unique wishes for your birthday.

While Bennett says he will take all the bad luck for you, Ganyu will give you a Qingxin cake and Thoma even holds you a party with food and drinks.

genshin birthday wishes
Do you know Xingqiu even sings a bit to wish you a happy birthday?

2. How to make a Traveler Cake?

Apparently, the Cake for Traveler can only be given via the game’s mailbox on this special event. To make it like other foods in Genshin Impact, we will have to wait if there’s any future update.

3. Does the Cake for Traveler expire?

As mentioned before, consuming the Cake will grant the player 1 Fragile Resin and a copy of the Cake that cannot be re-used.

Though you do not have to claim it right away after your birthday, the Cake for Traveler will expire if you do not claim it within the year.

Genshin Impact Free Primogems
You can find the Cake in the inventory under 'Precious Items'.

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