Healing HP is an important activity in Genshin Impact, especially in combat. Apart from eating recovery dishes, there are many ways to heal in the game. Check out this guide on how to heal in Genshin Impact.

I. Genshin Impact How To Heal In Combat

Genshin Impact players need to eat recovery dishes or use healers' skills. You cannot leave the combat to heal and return to continue it. Once you leave the battlefield and teleport to another location to heal, the enemy's health will be recovered.

Barbara healing genshin impact
Learn how to heal your HP in Genshin Impact.
  • Healing with food

There are many healing dishes in Genshin Impact. You need to buy the recipe, collect cooking ingredients, and cook these dishes. Then, follow this guide to heal your character in combat by eating.

  • When the HP bar of the character goes low, lead him/her to a safe spot on the edge of the battlefield.
  • Quickly open the Inventory.
  • Select the character you want to heal.
  • Choose the recovery dish for her/him.

Many recovery dishes have healing effects over time. When your characters consume those dishes, they will be healed in the time of effect as long as they do not fall down.

Recovery Food
Cook as many recovery dishes as possible.
  • Healing with healers

In addition to eating, you can also use healers to recover the health of the whole team. Many characters with healer abilities, such as Barbara, Jean, Qiqi, Noelle, Xingqiu, Diona, and Kokomi.

  • Elemental skills with healing effect: Noelle and Xingqiu;
  • Both elemental skills and bursts have healing effects: Barbara, Jean, Qiqi, and Kokomi;
  • Elemental burst with healing effect: Diona and Sayu.
Best Healers In Genshin Impact
Try to obtain the best healers in Genshin Impact.

You should have at least one healer in your team. Besides, choose the character with proper elements to create reactions or resonance. For example:

  • If you have a Cryo or Electro team, use Barbara, Kokoki, Xingqiu, and Diona to support and heal your characters. Their elemental reactions can deal insane damage.
  • If you build a Pyro team, choose an Anemo healer to create Swirl reactions and expand the area of burning effect on the battlefield.

Those are also the methods for how to heal in Co-op mode. You should keep an eye on the HP bar of your teammate. When the health of their characters gets low, use Sayu or Jean's bursts. The character with low HP needs to enter the radius of AoE to get the healing effect.

Barbara is not only a healer but also a useful supporter of the Cryo team.

In the future, the Dendro character Yao Yao with healing skills will be added to the game. This little cute girl may become the best healer in this game.

II. How To Heal In Genshin Impact Without Eating

When your HP gets low after the combat, you shouldn't eat recovery food to heal your characters. One of the biggest mistakes of Genshin Impact players is wasting resources. If you are not busy in combat, just teleport to any Statue of Seven.

That's also the faster way how to fully heal in Genshin Impact. You only need to stand close to the Statue of Seven to get healed. Or else, approach the Statue of Seven and interact with it. Select the option of Statue's Blessings.

Genshin Impact Cooking
Stand near the Statue of Seven to restore all characters' health quickly.

III. Tips To Keep Genshin Impact Character Alive

If all characters in your team fall down, you will lose the combat and fail to complete missions or challenges. To keep your character alive, you need to protect them with shields, recover their health, and revive them when needed.

Here are some tips that Genshin Impact players need to know to keep their character alive and manage to win combat.

  • Heal your characters before they fall down.
  • If your character cannot dodge enemies' ultimate attacks and falls down, revive him/her right away. It's because the Revive Dishes have a cooldown time. Therefore, you need to make sure that the cooldown time ends before the next character falls down.
  • Use Diona or Noelle to have both the healing ability and the shield to protect the whole team from enemies' attacks.
  • Barbara's elemental skill and burst can both heal your characters and apply the wet effect on enemies on the battlefield. Then, you can use a Cryo and Electro burst to deal tons of damage with continual Frozen and Electro-Charged reactions.

Those are all the ways and tips on how to heal in Genshin Impact. Try to keep them alive in combat and domain challenges. If all characters fall down in the domain, you fail to complete missions.

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