Picking the right gun is very important in winning matches in BGMI. For new players, this is fairly challenging, as guns performance can be fairly confusing. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 4 best guns for new players in BGMI.

1. M416

The M416 has been amongst the top weapons in BGMI for quite a while now. The reason behind this gun's power and popularity is that it can take a lot of attachments and become very versatile. Players can use this gun in both short, medium, and long-range combat.

M416 is the most stable and easy to use weapon in the game.

In longer matches, a fully modded M416 is super deadly. If you are quick at inventory management, you can even switch attachments on the fly based on the situation at hand. For example, getting a 4x scope to fight a distant target then swap in a 1x for close-quarter fights.

2. UMP45

The UMP45 is an amazing all-rounder weapon. It has decent overall stats, with a fast fire rate, decent damage per hit, a huge clip and low recoil. However, the UMP45's low bullet velocity is a problem, which makes it fall short in combat against other SMGs. For example, in the combat between UMP and UZI, Micro UZI can knock down UMP faster due to the higher bullet velocity.

Additionally, the UMP45 has a longer range than other guns in its class and therefore can be used as a secondary weapon – you can even pair it with a sniper rifle.

UMP45 is very reliable in close quarter combat.

3. QBZ / G36C / SCAR-L

The reason that these 3 weapons are at the same spot is that the G36C and QBZ replace the SCAR-L on Vikendi and Sanhok. They are overall very similar to each other, with only minor differences:


The SCAR-L is a great middle range rifle with great stability. With the muzzle, stock and a 4x scope attached, it becomes a great long range weapon that works super well on big maps like Erangel and Miramar.


The G36C and QBZ have about the same stat as the SCAR-L, but have a longer reload time and higher fire rate. This makes them better in close range fights, which happen more often on small maps like Vikendi and Sanhok.


4. M24

The M24 is also a very powerful sniper rifle. It actually has better stats than the Kar98 with more damage, bullet speed, and a bigger magazine. However, it is really hard to find an M24 because they are much rarer. The M24, while has more damage than the Kar98, can only one-shot a player with a Level 2 Helmet. That means its overall effectiveness is no more than the Kar98 much.

That being said, if you can find one, choosing the M24 is always the better option.

M24 is more powerful with higher base damage and bullet speed.

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