As Baizhu may become a playable unit in Genshin Impact 3.6, there have been lots of leaks about him. According to a recent leak, the herbal pharmacist in Liyue may be the first-ever playable unit to actually pass away in the Genshin Impact story. This news left a lot of fans shocked. Check it out here.

Baizhu May Die Due To Illness

Baizhu is an upcoming 5-star Dendro character who seems to become playable in update 3.6. His design was officially revealed by Hoyoverse last month. Besides, there are many leaks about his kit and gameplay. The upcoming release of Baizhu also makes stories and theories about his life more attractive to players.

The death of characters in Genshin Impact often makes fans and players sob. La Signora, Tomo, and many NPCs died due to being murdered, cursed, and aging. But none of the playable units actually died due to illness - a common concept of human life but not popular in this game.

Baizhu Has Been Learning About Immortality
Baizhu has been studying immortality for a long time.

Qiqi died and was revised as a zombie before the adventure of the Traveler started in Teyvat. But Baizhu appeared as a weak and agile character when the game started. The kind-hearted and intelligent pharmacist in Bubu Pharmacy is suffering from an illness, which may be the cause of his death.

Baizhu has been finding out the secret of immortality for a long time. He has a white snake pet -Changsheng and a zombie assistant - Qiqi to accompany and support him. They are important characters in the story of Liyue. Though Baizhu has not been playable yet, he has a lot of fans due to interesting stories about him and his impressive design.

Baizhu May Die
The theory that Baizhu may die of illness makes many players sad.

Possible Impact Of Baizhu's Death

The death of one character will not affect the whole story of the game. But many players and fans are still shocked by Baizhu's decease. Moreover, he will not appear in later events and quests if his demise is permanent. Then, the number of story quests related to this 5-star character is also limited.

Genshin Impact may find a way to bring the famous pharmacist back. Otherwise, his banner may be less popular. There is not any playable character who actually passed away and disappear completely in Teyvat. Qiqi had been brought back by being turned into a zombie. So, she still appears in many events and quests in Liyue.

The Game May Revive Baizhu
The game may revive Baizhu if he dies in the future.


The ending story of Baizhu is still unknown. This theory is only based on his currently revealed stories and his health condition. It has not been confirmed yet. But it seems that Genshin Impact will try to revive important characters. Players and fans of this Husbando character hope to see Baizhu in upcoming updates and activities in the game.

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