Shenhe and Ayaka will come back in rerun banners next week. Have you decided to roll or skip the rerun banner of Shenhe in update 3.5? Check out the top 3 reasons to skill and 3 reasons to invest in the upcoming Shenhe banner here.

I. Reasons To Skip

Shenhe is a 5-star Cryo unit that costs you a lot of Primogems. Therefore, many F2P players may want to skip her banner for the following reasons and save Primogems for Ayaka's or other banners.

#1. Only good in Cryo teams

Shenhe is specially designed for Cryo teams. Therefore, she is not flexible enough to play in different teams in Genshin Impact. Besides, Shenhe only plays well in the role of a Cryo buffer who supports Cryo DPS like Ayaka and Ganyu. You will not get full benefits from Shenhe if she does not go with Ganyu and Ayaka.

Genshin Impact Shenhe
Shenhe is specially designed for Cryo teams.

#2. Cost much energy

The Elemental burst of Shenhe costs you 80 Energy points. However, she cannot generate Energy by herself. Therefore, you have to focus on the Energy Recharge status to use her powerful burst more frequently. Luckily, you can equip The Catch or Favonius Lance to build Energy Recharge for her.

#3. Not able to play alone

Shenhe is not an ideal 5-star unit to roll if you don't have a strong Cryo character to carry the team. Therefore, she is often ignored when Genshin Impact players failed to get a powerful Cryo DPS. Spend Primogem on Ayaka's banner before trying your luck with Shenhe.

Genshin Impact Shenhe Support Role
You should skip her if you don't have a strong Cryo DPS.

II. Reason To Roll

If you have got Ayaka in previous updates and she is powerful enough, you can spend your Primogems on Shenhe's banner. Here are some reasons why you should roll this character.

#1. Best Cryo supporter

Shenhe can give your Cryo DPS a great elemental DMG buff, physical and Cryo RES shred, and also buffs for all attacks. She is always the first option for the supporting role of Ayaka's team. If you build a mono Cryo team, Shenhe will give your team great on-field and off-field buffs.

Shenhe Is The Best Cryo Supporter
Shenhe is the best Cryo supporter in Cryo teams now.

#2. Good off-field effects

When you swap to another character after casting Shenhe's elemental skill or burst, the active characters still get buffs from Shenhe. Her elemental skill and burst remain active on the battlefield. Quickly swap to Ayaka and release

#3. Easy to build

Shenhe does not require rare artifacts to maximize her buffs. You ought to equip her with Noblesse Oblige or Blizzard Strayer. Besides, you can use Favonius Lance or The Catch to recharge her energy faster.

Shenhe Is Easy To Build
Shenhe is very easy to build.

In short, you should only roll Shenhe if you have strong Cryo DPS, such as Ayaka, Eula, and Ganyu. If you don't have these Cryo DPS characters, skip her banner one more time.

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