Genshin Impact has updated and changed a lot of content in the game since its release. There are more activities and features to enjoy. Here are the top memorable changes in the game content since the end of 2020.

#1. Dendro Release

The introduction of the Dendro element and relevant reactions is the most significant change in Genshin Impact now. The release of Sumeru and Dendro has made the game meta change a lot. Travelers will encounter many new Dendro bosses and enemies. Besides, many Dendro characters have been making players go nuts with their impressive kits and designs.

Dendro Addition In Genshin Impact
Dendro addition in Genshin Impact

#2. Genius Invokation TCG

The new card game Genius Invokation TCG is a completely new game mode in Genshin Impact. The Traveler will challenge different characters in Teyvat and play card games with them. You will have three character cards and many supporting cards to use and defeat enemy cards.

Genius Invokation Tcg
Genius Invokation TCG card game

#3. Character Outfits

Genshin Impact has been introducing many new character outfits. It made these characters look fancier. The game publishers also gave away many skins of 4-star characters at in-game events for free.

For example, the new skins of Jean, Diluc, Keqing, and Ayaka are only available to purchase from the outfit shop. Meanwhile, a lot of veterans have got free skins for Barbara, Fischl, Lisa, and Ningguang from corresponding events. Beginners can buy all these outfits in Paimon's shop now.

New Character Outfits
New character outfits

#4. Artifact Strongboxes

The game developers introduced artifact strongboxes. It allows players to recycle their unexpected artifacts to get wanted ones. After many updates since its launch, many new boxes have been added.

There were only four boxes at the launch. But now, you can find almost every artifact in the game. Thus, you have more options to exchange your unused artifacts for new ones.

Artifact Strongboxes
Artifact strongboxes

#5. Weapon Banner Pity

At the game release, only time-limited character banners have the pity mechanism. Then, the weapon pity was added after Epitomized Path's release.

Unlike the pity mechanism of the character banners, Genshin Impact players have to fail two 5-star weapons of the banner they invest in to get the right one. Therefore, this addition made many players unhappy. But it makes the game balanced and fair for P2P and F2P players.

Weapon Banner Pity
Weapon Banner Pity

#6. The Serenitea Pot

Since the update 1.6, Genshin Impact players have had a new interesting Serenitea Pot game mode. Each eligible player has their own world to build and decorate. It makes the game more interesting after you completed all quests and challenges.

Moreover, Genshin Impact players can share their Teapot designs by using the new Replica ID feature. A lot of breathtaking designs have been shared in Genshin Impact player communities.

Genshin Impact Serenity Pot
Genshin Impact Serenity Pot

#7. Hangout Events

Many 4-star characters have interesting backstories. You can explore their stories by doing hangout events with those characters. This is also a great source of Primogems and materials for F2P players to farm. They can save a lot of Primogems for their favorite characters because Genshin Impact has introduced a lot of 4-star characters.

Interesting Hangout Events
Interesting hangout events

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