Yanfei is a 4-star Pyro Catalyst character who primarily acts as an on-field damage dealer centered around her ranged Pyro application and enhanced Charged Attacks. Yanfei’s Pyro Normal and Charged Attacks allow her to trigger numerous Pyro reactions such as Vaporize and Overloaded from a distance. In particular, the lack of ICD on her Charged Attacks allows her to consistently trigger Vaporize for substantial damage.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide for Yanfei in Genshin Impact 3.4, including talents, gears and team comps.

Yanfei 4 Star
Genshin Impact 3.4 Yanfei

1. Yanfei Talents Priority & Constellations

Normal Attack > Elemental Burst > Elemental Skill

Normal Attack | Seal of Approval

Yanfei’s Normal Attack sequence launches projectiles that home in and can hit enemies at a decent range. Each Normal Attack hit grants Yanfei a Scarlet Seal for 10s, stacking up to 3 Seals (or 4 at C6). The duration for all Seals is refreshed for each new Seal gained.

When Yanfei uses a Charged Attack, she consumes her currently held Scarlet Seals to increase her Charged Attack’s damage and AoE, as well as reduce its Stamina consumption. Her Charged Attacks have no ICD, which allows each one to trigger a reaction. Her Charged Attacks are also considered Blunt damage, which allows them to cause Shatter and effectively damage Geo shields.

Yanfei Elemental Burst Genshin Impact
Yanfei Elemental Burst deal huge Pyro DMG to a group of opponents.

Elemental Skill | Signed Edict

A single instance of Blunt Pyro DMG. Its primary use is to instantly provide Yanfei with the maximum amount of Scarlet Seals along with particle generation.

A crucial thing to remember is that players gain stacks based on the number of hits that deal damage to an enemy. If a normal attack input has 2 hits, Eula would gain 2 stacks.

Elemental Burst | Done Deal

Deals a single instance of Pyro DMG, and instantly grants Yanfei the maximum amount of Scarlet Seals. It also imbues the Brilliance state while she remains on-field, which increases Yanfei’s Charged Attack damage and passively grants her Scarlet Seals during its duration. It will typically only be used every other rotation due to its high Energy Cost.

Ascension 1 Passive | Proviso

A simple Talent that increases her Pyro DMG% after her Charged Attacks consume Scarlet Seals.

Ascension 4 Passive | Blazing Eye

Allows Charged Attacks that crit to deal a second hit that can also apply Pyro. This Talent can be detrimental since excess Pyro application can overtake useful Elemental auras.


  • C1: A simple Constellation that can alleviate the Stamina issues from her Charged Attack centric playstyle.
  • C2: A straightforward CRIT Rate buff that is excellent for her personal damage, but may cause more unwanted A4 procs.
  • C3: A simple but negligible Skill damage increase.
  • C4: Additional comfort from a sizable shield that boosts her survivability and provides Interruption Resistance. The added survivability is also greatly appreciated in Burgeon teams. Also allows Yanfei to be used as a niche shield support without the need for heavy Talent investment, albeit with serious ER requirements.
  • C5: Increases the Charged Attack DMG% Bonus granted by her Burst.
  • C6: Increases the maximum number of held Scarlet Seals to 4. At 4 Seals, Charged Attacks consume no Stamina and deal maximum damage. Eliminates her Stamina issues and slightly increases the value of her Burst and A1 Passive. This Constellation does not change Yanfei’s preferred attack combos.

2. Best Artifact for Yanfei

Crimson Witch Of Flames
Crimson Witch of Flames

Pyro DMG build

  • 4pc Crimson Witch of Flames (CWF) - Overall Best-in-Slot in Vaporize teams by a slight margin. Its Pyro DMG Bonuses boosts all her damage sources and also gives DMG Bonuses for all Pyro-related reactions.
  • 4pc Wanderer’s Troupe Grants an unconditional boost to Charged Attacks, which make up the majority of Yanfei’s DPS. Its 2pc effect also grants an EM bonus which enhances reaction damage.

Artifact stat

  • Sands: EM/ATK%
  • Goblet: Pyro DMG Bonus
  • Circlet: CRIT Rate/CRIT DMG
  • Substats: CRIT > ATK% = EM > ER%

Reaction build

  • 4pc Gilded Dreams: Her general Best-in-Slot for this playstyle. Provides a large amount of EM as Yanfei is often the sole Pyro character in her Transformative Reaction teams.
  • 4pc Flower of Paradise Lost: A marginal improvement over Gilded Dreams for Burgeon teams, but is worse outside of them. Not recommended to farm specifically for Yanfei.

Artifact stat

Stack EM and ER substat.

3. Best Weapon for Yanfei

Yanfei Dps Build
The best role of Yanfei is the main DPS.

Pyro DPS

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds Yanfei’s overall Best-in-Slot weapon. Provides a substantial amount of highly valued CRIT Rate, and Yanfei’s long field time requirement synergizes well with the weapon passive.
The Widsith When used as a Vaporize DPS, Yanfei can utilize all three possible buffs, in addition to its CRIT DMG stat. However, The EM buff is useless in Mono Pyro teams. The long cooldown on its passive also makes its performance inconsistent especially in longer fights. At higher refinements, it will often surpass even 5-star options.
Kagura’s Verity A strong 5-star option due to its useful CRIT DMG substat. It is possible to maintain all stacks after the second rotation, further increasing its damage potential in extended fights.
Tulaytullah’s Remembrance Boasts a modest amount of CRIT DMG and high Base ATK, but its Normal Attack DMG% and ATK SPD buffs are largely insignificant for Yanfei.

Transformative Reaction DPS

A Thousand Floating Dreams Best-in-Slot for Yanfei’s Transformative Reaction builds. Provides an unmatched amount of EM. Also provides some EM to her team.
Sacrificial Fragments Has the second highest EM stat of all Catalysts. Additional Skill uses can be helpful for reducing her Stamina consumption, but otherwise do not greatly affect this playstyle.
Wandering Evenstar This weapon provides less EM than Magic Guide, but can provide a substantial permanent ATK buff to teammates like Fischl or Yae Miko.
Magic Guide Third highest EM stat while being very cheap to level.

4. Yanfei Best Team Comps

Newyear 2023 Gangyu Shenhe Yanfei Official Wallpap
Yanfei team comps

Vaporize DPS: Yanfei + Xingqiu/Yelan + 2 Flex

  • Xingqiu offers Hydro application with his coordinated attacks and orbitals, Interruption Resistance, DMG Reduction, and minor healing.
  • Yelan offers a ramping DMG% buff which synergizes well with Yanfei’s extended field time. Her lack of on-contact Hydro application can make Double Swirl set ups more consistent.
  • Kazuha provides a Pyro DMG% buff from his Swirls and can absorb his Burst with Hydro for AoE application.
  • While not strictly mandatory, Bennett is highly recommended, as he provides healing, Pyro particles, Pyro Resonance, and a substantial ATK buff on his Burst, all of which are incredibly valuable for Yanfei.

Alternatives: Kokomi, Sucrose, Fischl, Yae, Diona

Mono Pyro: Yanfei + Bennett + 2 Flex

  • The Bennett-Xiangling core is a staple duo inclusive of high off-field damage, buffing, and healing. The abundance of Pyro particles reduces ER needs for all characters.
  • Sucrose’s EM buff is wasted, but she can still bring value with her grouping, TTDS, and her C6.
  • Kazuha’s DMG% buff gains greater value in comparison, and he offers good AoE damage with his Swirls.
  • Zhongli provides strong shielding and hassle-free RES Shred.

Alternatives: Albedo, Sucrose, Jean, Heizou

Overloaded/Burgeon DPS: Yanfei + Dendro/Electro + 2 Flex

  • Fischl provides fast Electro application from Oz, her A4 Passive and potentially her C6. This allows her to maintain Electro aura for Yanfei to cause Overloaded. Overloaded knockback is also less of an issue given Yanfei’s long range.
  • Xingqiu offers additional Hydro application on contact, Interruption Resistance, DMG Reduction, and minor healing. Nahida offers a sizable EM buff that has a generous AoE and duration in addition to her easily maintained off-field Dendro applications. Nahida can also easily swap in to reapply her Seeds of Skandha on new waves of enemies.
  • Sucrose and Kazuha offer some grouping. Sucrose grants EM buffs and can hold TTDS or Wandering Evenstar, while Kazuha offers DMG% buffs for the team’s off-field DPS units. They can also use their Skills more frequently for consistent grouping and buff uptime.

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