The bosses and character list have been updated in Genshin Impact 3.5. Therefore, your team builds for Spiral Abyss should be changed. Check out the top 5 aggressive teams you should try in Spiral Abyss 3.5.

#1. Spread Team

You should update the main DPS of your current Spread team after update 3.4. Alhaitham should play as the main on-field DPS. Yaoyao will give a great Dendro buff, mark enemies with Dendro aura for the Quicken reaction, and HP recovery for the whole team.

Besides, Yae Miko's Electro attacks create an Electro infusion to trigger the Quicken reaction, allowing Alhaitham to deal an insane amount of DMG with the Spread reaction. Kazuha is responsible for gathering enemies and expanding the AoE of these reactions.

Alhaitham Is The Main Dps Of Spread Team
Alhaitham is the main DPS of the Spread team.

#2. Vaporize Team

Hu Tao is the strongest DPS in Genshin Impact who deal elemental DMG with both skill and burst. The combo of Yelan and Xingqiu in Hu Tao's team lets this DPS produce higher damage with more frequent Vaporize reactions.

Moreover, Xingqiu and Yelan can also trigger Hydro resonance in this team to recover HP for the whole team. Zhongli's shield protects other characters in the team. He can also play as the sub-DPS with high physical damage.

The Varporize Team
The Varporize team of Hu Tao is aggressive but expensive with three 5-star characters.

#3. Hyperbloom Team

Hyperbloom is one of the most powerful elemental reactions in Genshin Impact. Nahida and Kokomi are responsible for creating Dendro cores on the battlefield. Then, Raiden Shogun will cast her elemental skill and burst to trigger the Hyperbloom reaction.

But you may want to change the gear for Raiden Shogun in this team. It's better to focus on her Elemental Mastery status to use her burst more frequently. Kazuha will spread the element on a large AoE with his skill and burst.

Nahida And Raiden Shogun
Nahida, Raiden Shogun, and an off-field Hydro character trigger a powerful Hyperbloom reaction.

#4. Melt Team

Ganyu is a flexible character for many teams. But you should use her in the Melt team. To trigger the Melt reaction more frequently, you ought to have a Pyro character with a quick continual Pyro application ability, such as Xiangling.

If Xiangling teams up with Bennett, they enjoy many benefits from Pyro resonance. Moreover, the AoE burst of Bennett lets Ganyu trigger the Melt reaction on a large area. Venti's skill and burst can gather small monsters gather.
Ganyus Melt Team
Ganyu's Melt team is effective in countering big bosses.

#5. Swirl Team

The Wanderer is easy to adapt to different roles in any team, especially the Swirl team. He plays as the Hypercarry player with the buff from Bennett's elemental burst. Xingqiu is an excellent sub-DPS in this team.

Faruzan is the best Anemo supporter for Wanderer in this team. Apart from the Swirl reaction, this team can also trigger the Vaporize reaction.

Wanderer And Faruzan
Wanderer and Faruzan spread the area of elemental reactions and aura.

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